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40 killed in Christmas Day blasts in Nigeria


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You can't even pray in church in peace anymore.

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This proves to me that the A-Qaida/Boko Harama/Wahibi strict interpetation of the Islamic scripture is just plain wrong. A murderous illusion.

On any level.

Anti-human and anti-divine.

Mistaken, dangerous and wrong.

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All the countries around the world should review their immigrantion law of immigrants who has the potential background of islamic fundamentalisms otherwise wherever there is a church,wherever there is a free firing zone!

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These Boko Haram fools are the Nigerian version of the Taliban, of Al Qaeda and unfortunately Nigeria is what?? Half Muslim and the other half Christian so it just takes a couple of idiot, radical terrorists to come up with evil ideas like this, very, very scary indeed, but it is not only against Christianity, just look at the way the Jews and the Muslims are going at it there in Israel or the Hindus vs. Muslims in India, or look at Pakistan, where Sunni Muslims want to exterminate the Chiites Muslims, or was that Iraq?? Anyway, lets pray for peace, inner peace, world peace but ask Santa for nice shiny drone missiles to help these terrorists become martyrs ASAP! RIP dead innocent folk at a church out in Nigeria.

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" This proves to me that the A-Qaida/Boko Harama/Wahibi strict interpetation of the Islamic scripture is just plain wrong. A murderous illusion. "

"Wrong" and "right" are opinions. Obviously, Boko Haram has a different opinion than you. And so have scores of other fundamentalist islamic organizations.

How do you want to convince them of your interpretation?

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I don't think they can be convinced, Willi.

But I hope that young people will think for themselves before getting sucked in by shining promises (ultimately lies) and then bullying violence and threats.

Kill, kill, kill, slaughter!

When the blood lust goes down, people may actually turn to Allah/God in a true way. They may be sorry for what they have done, but that will not bring people back to life.

In the meantime may I give thanks to Boko Haram for giving a moment of clear insight into the absolute wrongness of what they are doing. (Just a personal thing, Willi.) Actually I have just been reading opinions of Muslims who are disgusted by what is being done by BH in the name of Islam.

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"suicide blast... claimed by Islamists"

Wouldn't Mohammed disavow such an act?

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Mohammed allowed his followers to defend themselves against attack. But yes Serrano, I believe he would have condemned this kind of gratuitous violence.

Another danger factor is that the dancing idiots in Egypt may well get copycat ideas from this. They attacked Christian churches last year at the Coptic Christmas.

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Nandakandamanda I can't believe how you're trying to white-wash and ignore historical documents/interpretations that Mohammed and his followers wrote themselves. Mohammed "defended" himself against Mecca when he invaded? No matter how you twist it Mohammed's history is anything but peaceful and considerate compared to many of the other historical "holy men" that started and influenced religious beliefs without using an army and violence to inspire their ideals. The true Islamic interpretation (the one the founder inspired) is not peaceful except for other muslims. And even then the only wrong interpretation that the extremists are doing is that they're willing to kill other muslims. The violence against non-muslims is de-facto no matter what you think Islam "should be" compared to what it actually IS. It takes a muslim thinking beyond Islam to treat others and non-muslims as human beings instead of kafirs.

I'll never forget an Imam being interviewed in SA being asked why their country doesn't allow other religions to have freedom and he said, "When you know that 1+1=2 (Islam is right) then why should you accept those that say 1+1=3 (anything that is not Islam is wrong)? You can't allow something to mislead people that you think is wrong."

The only way for Islam to become the interpretation you seem to believe is complete and utter reform of the religion as a whole, starting with rejection of the founder. Islamic apostates have complete knowledge of what is required for Islam to change. Either it needs to be gotten rid of completely or deny the teachings of Mohammed period.

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" Mohammed allowed his followers to defend themselves against attack. "

Again, tell that to Boko Haram in Nigeria and to the scores of violent misunderstanders of the religion of peace around the world. Considering how many of the believers read something else into the Mohammeds words then you do, you have your work cut out.

It is pretty pointless to lecture outsiders about peace while so many of your co-religionists are decidedly un-peaceful.

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By 'proving' to new recruits that Islam is under attack all over the world, (DVDs of global fighting) propagators are able to quote the Qu'ran showing how M allows for retaliation. I thought this was a central tenet of Al Qaida recruitment policy.

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