Civil rights groups gear up to fight Sessions nomination


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Jeff Sessions is a highly biased person. I do not know if he is racist or not but that does not really matter. I have heard him speak enough times to know that he is not open minded and will pursue agendas that fit his personal belief system regardless of logic or fairness. He openly advocates for changing laws to support one specific religion, he openly advocates for laws to restrict the rights of anyone that is not heterosexual and he openly supports policies that help his own state of Alabama remain one of the poorest in the nation. His support of civil forfeiture laws is enough to oppose him. The record is quite clear on that subject.

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Another racist bigot in the new and improved Trump swamp....

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“You can expect an escalating campaign of opposition,” Brooks said.

Good. That will just make it all the more frustrating for him once Sessions is confirmed.

Another racist bigot in the new and improved Trump swamp....

So a guy who prosecutes a Klan member and argues for the death penalty is a bigot? What kind of logic is that? As always, the Left is getting itself all worked up and are slinging around crazy accusations in their zeal to win politically.

The Left should put away their Rules for Radicals book and do something constructive for everyone and not just for their own ideological ends. Dems have been going around screaming "racist" for decades as a means to silence debate and win political battles. How many more live streamed tortures of innocent special needs people must there be before Dems stop race baiting? How many more cops need to be executed in their patrol cars before the Left wishes up and decides that its best to de-emphasize racial differences as a means to political power?

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The one and only thing I agree on is immigration. Otherwise I agree with Crazy Joe above and I actually found his post quite well stated.

I look forward to the testimony and rebuttal. It will be interesting to see how that plays out.

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A very bad appointment to have a Good Ol' Boy in. Cut from the same cloth as George Wallace...

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