Civilian deaths in Afghan war hit record in 2018: U.N.


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More innocents deaths in the name of war. The US certainly has a lot of blood on its hands, past and present, looks like they want to continue their blood lust in Venezuela. At present just listening to Noam Chomsky - 'History of US rule in Latin America' historical facts that cannot be ignored, but never exposed in the main stream media. I wonder when it is all going to end, from the day I was born until the present day, armed conflicts have prevailed somewhere across the globe, politicians and main stream media talk of peace , but in fact its quite the opposite, lies and deceit , lack of respect or human decency, for what ?? Peace worldwide is just a dream.

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Never get involved in someone else’s civil war. The Russians wish to take over in from the US in Afghanistan. Why on earth?

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Pls destroy arms sellers in the world , no matter, what excuses they might use, Killings human beings is not a game or profits for personal gains.

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The Soviet Union has done nothing wrong by inserting a secular society in Afghanistan! It was the 1980s war against Soviets that kick ups the mess of Islamic fundalmentalism  !

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