Clash in China's Xinjiang kills 16


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China is stupid. Beijing does not only disrespect the minority ethnic Uighur people IN THEIR OWN ANCESTRAL LANDS, but they are trying to push them out by forcing millions of ethinic Han Chinese to relocate to the Uighur region and??? They want the Uighurs to just sit around and let the Han Chinese just take over everything?? Sorry, it aint gonna work so, the poor Uighurs are fighting for their own survival, the Uighurs are no Yemeni Al Qaeda, me thinks.****This is very similar to the mess happening in Tibet.

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Elbuda, please study your history before you comment on Xinjiang being the ancestral homeland of the Uighur people. Neither the Chinese nor the Uighur are natives of Xinjiang except the Chinese were there before the Uighur did. The original people of Xinjiang were all eliminated long ago when Xinjiang was raided and conquered by various nomadic tribes in the regions. The Chinese took control of Xinjiang as early as 2000 years ago during the Han Dynasty but had gained and lost control of Xinjiang over the course of histories.

The Uigur did not come to Xinjiang from Central Asia until during the Tang Dynasty and did not become a strong empire until early 700s AD. You may take a look at this link for some basic history of Xinjiang. It is a very interesting read.

In terms of treating the minority people of China, the Chinese actually did better than what the American did to their native people. Currently there are more Chinese in Xinjiang than Uigurs just like there are more Americans than native Indians in the US. It would be highly unlikely the Uighurs can gain independence in Xinjiang much the same way for the native Indians to form their own nation within the US.

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They will bash just for the sake of bashing, not knowing the history or they will try to revise history.

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The unrest in Xinjiang area will persist till peoples embrace the red book instead of Islam. Remember Tibet? but this one is going to be tougher for dictators in China. China's history is full of invasion, conquering, occupation...that lead to Mao's bloody cultural revolution and the rising of one monopoly communism today. The oppression and manipulation cause the unending clashes. Remember, you can't blog like this in (fake) glorious China.

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Muslim Thugs vs. Communist Thugs

Gosh, I thought they'd all see something similar in each other no?

Anyway, its about time the sharks started turning on each other because neither one of them are remotely interested in Freedom nor a decent Democracy.

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