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More clashes as French protesters rally against Macron's pension bill

By Marco Trujillo, Stephane Mahe and Ingrid Melander

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How supine citizens of some other countries seem compared to French citizens.

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In the western city of Nantes, the boarded-up front of a BNP Paribas bank branch was set on fire. A car was set on fire in the margins of the rally, while some shot fireworks at police.

This should have been the case when banks were bailed out while the people suffered austerity cuts worldwide.

The push for more socialism for the rich matches on across administrations and nations and it seems France is one of the only places where people oppose it with vigor, and retain many social benefits envied by others around the world.

Maybe it is a virtuous cycle, with social benefits and education enable them to push back and be engaged without being exhausted in desperate economic struggle living paycheck to paycheck.

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European are a hot mess,while they got a war in their backyard

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The working class strikes back!

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French and Israeli citizens are showing the world that democracy isn't just about elections. This is a lesson that politicians on good salaries with perks and fat pensions fear and don't want people to learn.

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Time for Mr. Macron and Mr. Netanyahu to sit for a cup of coffee and think it over again.

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I bet the working class regrets not voting for Le Pen when they had the chance.

Hard non.

Le Pen is another corporate funded populist like in other nations that will only deliver more corporate tax cuts and minority scapegoating to workers.

What is so hard to understand that people like the demonstrators in France simply do not want hard won democratic social benefits being diverted to socialism for the rich?

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Good for you, France! This kind of spirit and action is sorely needed in my country (US) and probably Japan, too.

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Le Pen? All fascists are naturally in bed with big money. Their main job is to protect it from citizens and generally choose some kind corporatism as their economic system.

-2 ( +7 / -9 )

European are a hot mess,while they got a war in their backyard

The French are like this with or without a war.

Something to admire.

High turnout rates at elections and hell to pay if they feel that elected government is not doing the right thing.

Proper democracy. Many countries could do with a bit more of this spirt.

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I have been in protests in Paris when charged by the riot cops. Always have an exit plan.

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Go on them, goverments just want us to work and pay taxes and then hopefully just die. the sad truth is we are only a burdon on the system when we retire.

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Best placard I saw was

"16-64 C'est ma biere, non ma carriere!"

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Democracy is a fake.

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The French will protest at the drop of a hat. Just hope no aristos end up near the mobs...

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Currently retirement age in France is 62 and they are complaining about having to work for another couple of years, so typically French. Now an increasing number of the French certainly are revolting.

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Actually, it is a bit more difficult than that. Did you bother doing some researches or to just ask a French ?

The minimum retirement age is in between 62 and 63 depending of the year of birth.

But, in order to get full pension, one have pay in the pension fund for in between 168 and 172 trimesters depending of date of birth or work until 67 years old.

Seems there are also some specific like people starting working as teenager which could stop working earlier if they have at least paid in the system for 44 years.

I could not sequestrate French friend any longer to get more info about these specifics, so feel free to do your own research if you are interested in the subject.

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