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Clashes erupt in Belgrade to protest Mladic's arrest


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Who gives a S**T if his condition is deterioating. Tell that to the thousands who were put on buses and driven to their death. In my opinion he deserves no leniency and his ultra nationalistic followers should follow him to his own grave!

It took 16yrs for justice to work.

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I am glad they caught him finally, and hopefully am not told I am vulgar in thinking so.

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Srebrenica is complex because events did not happen because of one factor, but were based on the cold reality of a complex civil war where innocents were killed on both sides. The mass media is still playing propaganda war on the whole because the same story is being told. Yet the reality of Srebrenica is much more complex because this name is still being openly manipulated. Sadly, many national governments continue to hide the real reality of Srebrenica and even the massacred in the UN safe haven was not a black and white event. Thus it is clear that the real Srebrenica is not being told and they must be remembered. This also applies to the thousands of innocent Christians and Muslims, who were killed by both sides in and around Srebrenica. However this Srebrenica must tell the world about the real facts and how this city had a major Bosniak Muslim Army that killed and slaughtered many innocent Christians Serbs. In my opinion, two wrongs never made a right. Hence Ratko Mladic should be seen for what Srebrenica had become. In all wars you have massacres and in Bosnia, just like in all civil wars many innocents were killed on both sides. Therefore this does not mean that history should be rewritten and that one side should be blamed for everything when the facts states differently.

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Now this is a country ready to become a member of the EU.

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Ok, they've nabbed Mladic for Srebrenica. What about Serbska Krajna without serbs now?

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The Western politicians and media are hypocrits. While Mladic is being hauled off to court, Thraci is eleced as president of the newly created statelet of Kosovo and hobnobbing with the EU elites. And Thraci has at least as much blood on his hands as Mladic.

While the ethnic Serbs in Bosnia were not only not allowed to create their Serbska Republika as independent state, the Kosovo Albanians were not only allowed to, but Nato and Clinton went on a many months long illegal bombing campaign of Serbia on their behalf.

If you need a case study in hypocrisy, this is it.

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Who was it that said it's a part of the world that has always exported way more than its fair share of history?

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Violent murderous people showing their true colors and doing nothing to help Mladic's case, that is for sure.

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