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Clashes in Istanbul extend into night in Istanbul


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The other day I thought it was cool, the protestors all had beer, saying what anybody in Mexico would also say, try to take away my beer, etc...then you will see real anger from the people.

Thankfully Cinco de Mayo (5th of May) does not happen in the heat of summer. The opposite of Mexico here however = the people of Turkey are in control (have the money and the currency) and the Gov knows this. The Gov is trying to call their bluff and it will not work. With the Syria situation it will be interesting and I expect to see new elections soon in Turkey.

Lesson for Mexico from Turkey. Take control of the currency (physical gold and silver) and you will be able to control your Government. Mexico has vast stores of material wealth so the only part is getting the population to understand what real wealth is and understanding the inherent strength(s) of your country. There is hope for Mexico (in the people) and it is a beautiful country stolen by the corrupt rich.

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I'm sure the government, with their superior fireppower, will retake Taksim Square, but the protests will continue.

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The demonstrators, he said, ” are being used by some financial institutions, the interest rate lobby and media groups to (harm) Turkey’s economy and (scare away) investments.”

I find this statement to be bizarre. The people of Turkey hold the wealth and the banks of Turkey must literally beg for people to put this wealth (gold/silver) into banks (fiat).

Savings account interest rates for Turkey: ~6% http://www.bodrumbulletin.com/community/finance/889-turkish-interest-rate-report

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I hope this idiot PM gets kicked out of the country ASAP! The good people of Turkey are not the Taliban, they are not Al Qaeda, they are just regular people who do not want to be told what to do by this PM, who is using his religion as an excuse to try and take away freedoms from the good people of Turkey. The other day I thought it was cool, the protestors all had beer, saying what anybody in Mexico would also say, try to take away my beer, etc...then you will see real anger from the people.

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Yes, and we're happy that he is. If he was bit smart, he could have ended protests by just couple of words. Instead, he shows his "small man complex" in every chance he gets, calling protesters names, calling his own crowd for support, and doing things to divide the country into his supporters and the rest. Also resorting to new lows as it was too obvious people who threw petrol bombs at police were his recruits, possibly part of police. There are pictures being passed around in social media with him holding an oscar for this performance. People are not easily fooled. in 15 days of resistance, there were no petrol bombs thrown at police and all of a sudden today? At 8am? When all TV stations happened to be covering the event live? Police could take those protesters any time they wanted, but instead chose to fight with them efortlessly whole day while posing for the TV cameras. How low can they go and how stupid do they think people are. I was bombarded last night with all posts in FB about how people are resisting tear gas all night long in Taksim. He is planning to hold a meeting there this weekend and the need to clear the square. I don't think it'll be as easy as they think, but they are the ones have weapons and all people have are each other.

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Clashes in Istanbul extend into night in Istanbul

Where was that again?

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It is very foolish for Erdogan to call the protesters "terrorists".

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