Cleveland bus driver charged with rape, kidnapping after 10-year ordeal


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This filthy pig needs to be locked up with several rapists in one cell and the key should be thrown away.

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Better yet, leave him with all three families. The whole family of each.

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This really sounds like something out of a horror movie.

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So these scum bags were "boricuas"?? This is not a bad word, just slang for Puerto Ricans in Spanish. I hope these guys get their culos broken wide open behind bars!

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Here's a fantastic interview with the guy who came to the rescue of the kidnap victims. Best TV interview EVER!

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Guess we will find out, but how could his broehters and other family and visitors not have known that something was wrong at this man's home? Imagine just how weird this guy has to be to go on like this for 10 years while leading an ostensibly normal life. Bus driver even......

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Frungy, good comment. I agree completely.

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Horrific crime(s). agree tat it is almost inconceivable that this man's family and other visitors could not have known something was amiss in that house. surely justice will be done. Not sure I agree that having this guy raped in prison or left with the families or whatever is an appropriate sentiment........

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Somewhat similar case here in Japan that took place in Niigata in 1999. A girl was kidnapped in 1990 and kept hostage for those 9 years. Police incompetence was a factor and his mother lived with him but "didn`t know". What are your neighbours up to?

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What is even more INCREDIBLE is that for TEN YEARS ....... nobody lifted a finger or ask around. The police came twice to investigate ... but they did not do a good job .... just walked around the garden!!!! . How come for TEN YEARS .... three women didn't yell ...... scream very loud or even attempted something towards their captors. They seem to be in a very good health after soooo many years of confinement PLUS giving .. birth !!! sorry but something is very fishy somewhere.

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Nono_33, haven't you heard of Stockholm Syndrome? These young ladies were heavily intimidated with fear. His brothers didn't visit his house in all those years??? Yeah, right!

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Once a neighbor reported that there was a naked woman on that house. Cops did nothing. Once a neighbor called that there were bangings, Cops did nothing. That was not all but other times when cios was going to investigate the house, they did not open the door. We have been hearing strange stories of this even in local news hours. Only channels without the new stories are MLB games and other national sport games. It used to be talks about Kim of N. Korea, then Boston, Now this stories. Elbuda commented about the guy who rescued Amanda Berry, We listens to Amanda talks and interviews of him, You will love what this guy did and telling. the journailsts reported that 4 years ago, despite of reports by families. Cleveland police did nothing until 12 women's dead bodies were discovered in one house. Poor area in Cleveland. You will hear more because now FBI is involved. FBI spokeswoman said we have tears, too.

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@Nono_33, its quite possible that the house was well soundproofed in the places where the women were kept against their will. Although the fact that many of the neighbors did see the women banging against the windows should have been more than enough of a hint to check things out.

I just want to see the what the judgement for this will be once everything is done being investigated and the trial is set.

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Best interview ever - Charles Ramsey interview, rescuer of Amanda Berry :

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Once a neighbor reported that there was a naked woman on that house. Cops did nothing. Once a neighbor called that there were bangings, Cops did nothing.

False and false. In the first case, the girl who saw the naked woman never called the cops, she called her mother. Her mother says she dithered for hours before deciding to call the police, but to-date the police say they've found no record of her delayed phone call. It turns out that other neighbors saw the woman as well, BUT NEVER CALLED IT IN. Now the neighborhood is trying to shift some of their feelings of guilt onto the police, when the failure is totally on the neighbor's shoulders for not acting on what they witnessed.

In the second case, the police arrived and knocked on the door but no one answered and there was no banging happening at the time. So they left. This isn't North Korea where they'll bash in your front door under any context. They has to be justifiable cause for entering without a warrant. A warrant wasn't going to happen either unless there was supporting evidence that someone was being held. "Bangings" does not constitute "justifiable cause" for police to be breaking and entering.

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