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Climate change activist climbs on plane, others stop traffic


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Is a count of the protesters available?

There are estimated 8.4M people living in NYC. If they had less than 1% in peaceful protesters, they were inconveniencing many people on a work day to get this story out. They need to do better with their message to get that 1% out. That is how you get action.

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A little bit of inconvenience is just that.

Imagine the inconvenience when climate change begins to affect the elite. Being late for a plane will be nothing compared to being too late for humanity.

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I don't care about London. They can handle this their way. Nobody going to JFK or LaGuardia airports will be going through Times Square in NYC.

Get a permit. Have a protest. Grow a movement. Sing songs, get donations, get bills into legislatures, have an outdoor concert in central park, vote. Great. When you have 1% of the population willing to show up and disrupt local lives, protest when and where you like. Critical mass is needed, otherwise people just get mad.

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Protesters in New York City brought traffic to a standstill in the city's busiest hub and an activist in London climbed atop a plane as climate change demonstrators entered the fourth day of rallies around the world.

These people, these protestors, are really, really, annoying, and I won't/can't hear anything they have to say while I'm stuck on the tarmac, or stuck in traffic.

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