Climate change protest throws Sydney traffic into chaos; 11 arrested


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Good on the protesters, seems like activists are the only ones that actually care about the planet.

COP25, COP26 was all about carbon certificates and their value to investors, absolutely nothing about climate change or adaptation. They even lock Greta Thunberg out of conference - sigh.

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I once saw a documentary about activists like these. Blocking a road might be dangerous if for example an emergency cabs should drive along that road. Maybe it should have been sth other plan to protest but unfortunately the lawmakers wont care a bit if theres no movement like this.

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i have found same story in Sydney Morning Herald this morning and saw photo of that "activist",he/she/it may do better to look for some serious job instead?

iq of room temperature?

highly likely so.

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Only a month ago Australia had a general election that delivered a government and a cross bench committed to positive action on climate change. Already new PM Albanese has signalled Australia’s intention to line up with other nations to significantly reduce carbon emissions by 2030. And yet these protesters feel the need to cause major disruptions in Sydney streets? I think these protests are more about the protesters than they are about the cause.

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@bigyen what? Because of Ukraine, they what to increase exports of climate change resources.

government is passing new laws to severely target protestors who wear black clothes and are vegans with long prison sentences. Where is Amnesty International and Human rights Watch? Oh, trying to extradite Assange…

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If you can't win the argument in the public square by reason and persuasion, you can always throw a public tantrum. Seems to be the message of these immature dummy spitters.

As for the bike lock baby, I say just tow the car into an open field and leave it there. We will see how long her protest lasts with no publicity, no support, and no water. No need to waste time and effort getting the lock off her. Just leave it on. Oh, and search her pockets for the key.

People who put themselves into harm's way need to learn that they may actually be, well, harmed.

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I wish you a quick recovery, sport.

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I'll be honest. If one of these lunatics had the inevitable happen to them from an angry motorist just trying to get to work, I wouldn't shed a tear.

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