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Climate talks end with nonbinding accord


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Failed Mission. Everybody is free to take credit for whatever good/bad happened in last two weeks. What about protesters? still in binding?

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All governments agreed that this summit was a big waste of taxpayer's money. Well at least they burned off some of the money they have from taxes without causing greenhouse gasses.

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it’s not an accord that is legally binding

Yet another in a long line of failures by Soros' hand puppet, Barack Obama.

Heh, you'd think Obama would have learned a lesson from his previous trip to Copenhagen when he thought his presence alone was enough to win the 2016 Olympic games for his "hometown", Chicago.

Obviously, not.

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Nonbinding agreement.

This is like when a group of people who hate each other politely agree to get together sometime for drinks, when nobody has any intention of doing anything of the sort.

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How is this President Obama's fault? It isn't his meeting or summit. It is a United Nations (World) Summit. It is amazing how everything that goes wrong in the world is the fault of one man is participating with others.

Yet, you always have failed to acknowledge any fault President Bush had in the Irag war, Hurricane Katrina, Financial Crisis and Sept. 11. These all happened at home on Bushes watch. The Summit members at least agreed to something thanks to President Obama. It has no real impact but at least dialogue has begun.

Blaming President Obama in this instance is like attending a friend's SuperBowl and getting blamed because their favorite team didn't win. No connection at all.

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Climate talks . . . .

Climates don`t talk!

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The paltry result of the talks is not Obama's fault. It's the fault of his nation, his congress, the interest groups who keep stalling, trying to work out how they can avoid their responsibility. This is a typical example of how small a (presumed) great nation can be. Shame.

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It's approved again that human being can't control/ change their own destiny. Selfishness, greediness, desire... restrict people to move foreward. People really don't make much progress since Stone age.

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Heads up the government folks: Instead of wasting time trying pretend you can control the environment, you should be figuring how to get everybody to higher ground, when the inevitable NON HUMAN CAUSED global warming comes.

Fools I tell you, all fools.

Lex Luther was right all along.

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I agree with bamboohat.

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RomeoRamenII - "Yet another in a long line of failures by Soros' hand puppet, Barack Obama."

LOL!! Anyone who thinks that 197 nations from both the rich and poor ends of the econoimc spectrum, not to mention the majority of those inbetween, can come to a single agreement is out of their mind.

And blaming President Obama - especially when the GOP has been unanimously against the climate/energy bill going through Congress now, is simply idiotic.

Why is it that - yet again - non-Americans like myself have to explain to Americans what is going on in their own political system?

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Sushi, don't you agree with bamboohat?

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Sarge, saying 'when the inevitable NON HUMAN CAUSED global warming comes' is simply ludicrous.

The polar ice caps and major snow peaks worldwide are melting faster than ever, and unless you can show the rest of us how NASA images are somehow proving the opposite, it's probably best that you remain in the corner and try not to say anything else that is going to embarrass you.

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China,India Russia and them may laugh at us but we dont care. Obama won the day at Copenhagen.

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Sarge, have you got nothing to say in defense of the claim that the Climate Change Deniers' empty rhetoric flies in the face of the globally recognized laws of physics, ie: that when the temperature warms, ice melts?

Or do you still adhere to the failed notion put forward by Climate Change Deniers that when global temperatures decrease, ice - somehow - melts faster than ever?

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Even though its non-binding this agreement is the most wonderful global effort since Feed The World.Barack is the new Michael Jackson!

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Nobody will mention the "F" word, so I will. F A I L U R E!

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President Obama's last minute decision to go to the final day negotiations of the "man-made" global warming summit in Copenhagen further illustrates his impotence as a world leader. He has traveled more than any other president at this point in his presidency and has an unprecedented lack of achievement to show for it. What the Copenhagen summit perfectly illustrated was that the man made global warming scare is more about Leftist ideologoy than anything else. Note the thunderous reception that Hugo Chavez received compared to the fact that China actively sought to avoid meeting with Obama.

The facts about the real causes for global warming are irrelavent to the purposes of wealth redistribution. Al Gore will not debate anyone on man-made global warming because he knows that he cannot defend his position without resorting to exaggerated scare tactics (ie. that North Pole ice will melt completely in five years). For years there has been a concerted effort to prevent any discussion of mans effect on the world's climate. Scientists are unable to determine what the temperature will be in a week or a month but are confident that they can say what it will be in 50 to 100 years. It's unscientific and as the Climategate e-mail and computer code show, it is a fraud and motivated by ego, arrogance, and politics.

We can all be thankful that President Obama and all of the other world leaders have failed to agree on taking forceful government action in the face of incomplete and fraudulant science and many greater problems that face the people of the world.

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Sushi, have you no evidence that man is causing the Earth to get warmer? And what's up with Obama racing back to Washington to avoid the worst of a monster snowstorm?

seijichuudo9sha - Har!

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