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Clinton: More than 2,000 dead in Syrian crackdown


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“We think, to date, the government is responsible for the deaths of more than 2,000 people of all ages,” Clinton said, repeating the administration’s position that “Assad has lost his legitimacy to govern the Syrian people.”

How embarrassing for this Obama administration, which had proclaimed Assad was a reformer, and all that was needed a good heart to heart chat - something cowboy Bush was incapable of - for there to be unicorns all over Syria.

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How does one know what is real?

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We will soon realize that Assad was the best among bad options. He was secular and afraid of a war with Israel. The people likely to take over next will be neither. Not saying he was a nice guy, but Arab cultures are too tribal to support democracy. The human rights violations are pretty much par for the course in the region, and will likely be worse under whoever replaces him.

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@skyguym42 There is the good and bad in all cultures and all faiths, I think a lot are divided, most likely Nato will intervene soon as they did with Libya..

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Anglootaku, I agree. Never said there weren't good things in the Arab culture, just that western-style democracy does not work well there. It doesn't.

I mention it because so many people seem to think that because Assad is a bastard, the opposition is obviously better. We are about to find out, and the cheerleaders will quietly slink away when it turns into something worse. The most organized opposition is far more anti-Israel and far more religiously-driven. The western-educated anti-Assad Syrians you hear on NPR speaking from Washington DC are not the man in the street. They are likely to be just as horrified as the westernized Egyptians are now at what emerges from their (quite understandable) revolution.

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