Clinton says no prisoner swap with Iran


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Good no swap.

I'm sorry that the 3 Americans are still in prison, but they screwed up. They knew they were going into an area that they might cross the border by mistake and still went.

These three Americans will be in Iran a long time. < :-)

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I actually agree with adaydream on this, so I might have to rethink it. I have no pity for people who visit Muslim countries and get in trouble. It's a risk being there in the first place.

There's no question Clinton make the decision on this one. Obama would have gone for the trade. Clinton is wiser.

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I was glad that we agreed on something for a change. Then you posted...

Obama would have gone for the trade.

And you have this from some reliable source or you opinion overstepping the facts again. < :-)

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Helter Skelter,

No matter what you think of President Obama, there is no way Ms. Clinton could make a decision like this without the CIC's full and complete approval.

I feel for these three individuals. In that part of the world, borders are not always particularly clear. They made a simple mistake and it seems they are going to pay pretty dearly for it.

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Actually, Hillary wanted to swap Bill for the prisoners but Obama would not let her.

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I feel for these three individuals.

I don't. They were in Iraq when they crossed into Iran. What in the world were they doing Iraq? As I said, visit an Islamic country at your own risk. I don't want my tax dollars being spent to rescue Darwin Award winners.

Clinton could make a decision like this without the CIC's full and complete approval.

He may have approved, but the State Department made the decision. I have no proof of this, but Obama has the character of someone who would readily negotiate with terrorists.

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I have to go with skelter on this one. My sympathy levels are right up there with the Brit couple nabbed on their luxury Yacht whilst sleeping off the coast of Somalia.

Cause and effect - with only stupidity being the winner.

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Helter Skelter and Madverts,

I certainly understand what you are saying about self responsibility. However, these three individuals were not really in Iraq. They were in Kurdistan, which is a very different place than Iraq. There are many expats working and teaching there and, for the most part, Westerners are respected and welcomed with open arms. Information about the area is readily available.

You do have a point that strolling anywhere near the Iranian border should give anyone cause to pause just as it should have given that couple kidnapped in Somalia (whatever happened to them?) pause. However, the reality is that these three people were in Kurdistan, not Iraq and they made a much more understandable mistake than, for example, the British couple you mentioned.

Helter Skelter,

I am sure the State Department would have made the decision first. It is impossible for any president to micromanage everything. However, if Obama did not like that decision, he would not have approved it. It was his to approve or disapprove.

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