Clinton says Pacific big enough for U.S., China


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This ocean ain't big enough for the two of us!

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The Ospreys should send a message to these nations as to the USA commitment! Yanks are not coming home, unfortunately.

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So the entire Pacific Ocean "belongs" to only the USA and China?? Hahaha! Sure! Tell that to the rest of countries from Canada to Argentina or from Russia down to New Zealand and everything in between! China and the USA are 2 big countries, but they aint that big and THEY NEED THE REST OF THE WORLD, see how far the USA and China can get with out oil, etc..from just a handful of these other countries in the Pacific!

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The States and China either find a way to get on with each other or everyone suffers....

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Oh great, let's borrow more money from China to give away around the globe.

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Too bad...China is 'containing' America's influences in the southern pacific!

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@Elbuda Mexicano Argentina does not have any coasts on the pacific!

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@Bad2bone Oops! Argentina?? Oh yeah their is a long, thin strip of land between Argentina and the Pacific Ocean?? Starts with a Ch?? Ends with an e??

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No. Pacific is big enough for US only. While China is still learning how to sail's their own wooden junks in the Pacific..

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"Our countries are bound by shared interests, and more importantly, by shared values, a shared history, and shared goals for the future,” Clinton said."

Shared interest ? No way, the U.S. Kept taking care only of their own interests -- not even to share with Japan ! Shared value ( in vague term ) & shared history ? Not really sure the small island states would understand... Shared goals..what goals ? Just weeks you are stepping down ? Wait for another " Clinton" in 20 years to share "goals" -- must be very long term goals though !

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Elbuda Mexicano@ Please look carefully the map of Argentina. The coastline of Argentina is in the Atlantic. And of course Mexica coastline is in the Pacific.

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Clinton says Pacific big enough for U.S., China

But not for Japan.....

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Meanwhile, Chinese citizens are sailing to American islands like Guam hoping they don't caught by our U.S. Coast Guards. There is also a recent rise of Chinese tourists giving birth on American soil. Namely on Saipan and other islands of the CNMI. These American territories on the Pacific do a poor job of upholding Federal interests because not all Federal regulations apply to these island nations.

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The Pacific is big enough for everyone in the region, not just US and China... Honestly, international waters are international waters for a reason.

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the Pacific is big enough for all of us, not China and US.. The topic is misleading.

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