Clinton, Trump must choose a VP: Who is in the running?


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For Clinton, the question is simply who she will pick; most any Democrat would accept the opportunity. Trump faces a different challenge, not only the possibility of a defeat as historical as that of Goldwater but that Trump is the ultimate loose cannon and there is no telling what he will do between now and September - either could be career-destroying.

I'd guess Trump will be forced to choose someone whose career is in twilight (Texan Rick Perry) or someone whose career has otherwise no way of gaining traction (a nascent Sarah Palin).

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Clinton would be wise to choose Warren. A bold choice, but a good one.

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No one who wants a future in Republican politics is going to take the position. People don't run down the gangplank to hop on the Titanic. They just stand on the pier and wave goodbye. Goodbye Donald. Goodbye.

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To show that democrats are really committed to this transgender issue, I think Barney Frank would be the best choice for Hillary.

Hillary is still expecting a royal coronation from the democrats at their convention, but she will likely be surprised and disappointed to find that even people in her own party don't like her very much.

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Barney zfrank is s grat guy, but needs four more years in Minnesota.

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Trump / Palin '16

Dumb and dumber. The reality show demands it.

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After Hillary's indicted, everyone will be talking about Sander's VP choice.

"Barney Frank would be the best choice for Hillary."

The Banking Queen? - ( sung to the tune of Dancing Queen ):

"Friday night and your cash is low.

I know a place that you can go.

Oh, get your house and use it.

Go ahead abuse it.

You can do anything.

Go out and have a fling.

I am the banking queen.

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Banking queen.

Don’t complain or you’ll hear me scream oh yeah.

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Oo zero down.


I am the banking queen."

Tee hee!

"Some analysts argue Clinton has the Hispanic vote sewn up"

So, like the vast majority of black voters, the vast majority of Hispanic voters are going to vote for an even more corrupt version of politics as usual? lol

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Hillary can have Biden for foren policy.

Trump has plenty too choose. If he realizes females are not just object to play, he might have a wise choice.

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Hillary needs to pick Jim Webb with military background.

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@global: Webb. Is he democrat?

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Jim Webb is supporting Trump, he made it clear a few months ago he could never vote for Hillary.

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@Lizz: I wonder why gokai wrote his comment,

Tuesday is Kentucky primary. After that, we might know VP candidates.

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In other news, Dr Carson inadvertently revealed the VP contenders to the Washington Post during a car ride with his wife Candy to a TV interview.

Not that it couldn't be one of these but the full list is almost certainly a smoke and mirrors PR act of unity, intended to placate angry supporters of the other candidates, save face for the candidates themselves and let the establishment know that Trump doesn’t totally reject them . But it’s only that - PR which also gives the media something to chew on before the actual selection (And a smart move I think.). Hillary is going to be outwitted at every turn.

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toshikoMAY. 16, 2016 - 04:45AM JST

@global: Webb. Is he democrat?

LizzMAY. 16, 2016 - 05:32AM JST

Jim Webb is supporting Trump, he made it clear a few months ago he could never vote for Hillary.

He is Democrat. Please check his record. He was running for the 2016 Presidential race, but dropped out. He is NOT supporting Trump. Please check his record. Thanks. I just want to correct your understandings.

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@global :thank you to clear the issue. Pretty soon along with some states, Nevada will have Primary. Both Hillary and Trump campaign in Nevda with consideration of habits of presidents. They don't use paid campaign workers.

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