Clinton: U.S. must demand fairness from China


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Being lazy,unproductive,warmongerings and wasting earth resources was the faults of the demise of america! Hillary 'demanding' China..........with what? Send B-2 bombers to bomb China? Silly! My advice is she better shown some gratitutes our contributions to her and her husaband back in 1996!

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The US government under the clinton administration bought the big fallacy that opening China up econiomically and engaging in trade would raise the living standards of the average Chinese and thereby lead the CCP government to move away from authoritarian control and disregard for human rights as exemplified by the Tianemen Square massacre. Buit nothing could have been further from the truth as China while telling the world that it was a "peaceful rise" has used it's econimic power to increase it's secretive military, declared it's intent to replace the United States as the dominant military power in the region, implement an agenda of expanding it's territorial claims and control over it's neighbor's islands with an aim to control allf Asia. It's about time the world stopped letting China play them for fools.

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Look who's talking.

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This is funny. Mrs.Clinton is going to DEMAND that communist China listen to the USA?? Maybe we Americans should DEMAND that more products bought in the USA are also made in the USA, and demand that Waltmart etc..start demanding that its products are Made in the USA, before asking China to change its slave labor forces.

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China has us by the shorthairs at the moment,Mrs.Clinton knew , as well as her husband,Mr. "Free-Trade"! The Politicians Gave Away the Farm long ago. The "Chairman" S M I L E S !

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"China last year startled world markets and governments by briefly putting controls on shipments of its rare earth elements, materials essential to high-tech products like cell phones, in a move apparently aimed at Japan during a heated diplomatic dispute. China accounts for 97% of world production of the metals.

Clinton referred to the dispute and called the actions “bullying.”

As much as respect Clinton, this is crazy talk.

China owns these rare earths. They can do what they like - and charge what they like - for them.

I believe it's part of the Capitalist process.

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"She told business leaders at the Economic Club of New York that the U.S. shouldn’t continue to allow itself to be taken advantage of by China, which long has been accused by the West of undervaluing its currency to boost exports around the globe."

Should be read as : ...Allow itself to take advantage of China...? For a world's supreme power that has been constantly stirring up warfares around, destroying families & killing innocent civilians in the name of ideology ( or exactly for geopolitical & oil interests ), why should China ( & others ) keep supporting the US with cheap imports & financing the US policy by lending by buying huge amount of US bonds ? Look at the 'occupy the wall street' unrests that spread across the US, the implications seem self-explanatory ? Ms. Clinton, go on setting fire to Syria, Iran & Saudi Arabia too given the fact that you cannot probably find jobs for the soldiers ( hopefully ) returning from Iraq & Afganistan -- the US Govt is addicted to wars in other countries' soil anyway, the judgements are in the mind of most American people..

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Fairness = no speak English

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How nervy of China, or any foreign country, standing up to the USA.

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In spite of China's manipulation of its currency, Japan's trade balance with China is almost leveled. And in spite of steep appreciation of the yen to the dollar (from 360 yen to 76 in forty years), America's trade "imbalance" with Japan has stayed leveled. So probably it's not about fairness as the U.S. claims but about what you provide to the market.

In contrast to America's focus on building some cross-Pacific ties, however, China does not want to meddle with TPP nor does Russia, India, Taiwan or Indonesia as they know that it does not benefit them. Rather China sets its mind to the future web of partnerships across the resourceful Asian continent such as between Shanghai Five plus India and the Middle East which will be inter-connected with highways, railroads and pipelines instead of sea lanes as the heartland of prosperity of the 21st century that may even have the South China Sea as its backyard while letting Japan languish in the northeast backwater under the yoke of TPP or in fetters of neoliberalism. Nervy unfettered China may outlive.

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Now the whole world saw China bullying america!

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Her husband was a strong supporter of China and gave lot of technology to China free.

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Looks like lines are being drawn in the sand. The US might be keeping open the option for regime change in China.

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It's obvious that certain faction in the regime wishes somebody would strong-arm the hard-liners to shift to more supple policy lines. It's next to impossible to expect them to undergo any kind of political reform from within.

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Actually Mrs. Clinton, if you look out your window, you might see some people demanding fairness at home!

But if you think China is taking advantage of you, you have to stop allowing yourself to be taken advantage of. Asking China to change won't help. Warn them of changes from your end, and follow through if they don't smarten up.

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