Coal plants use enough water to supply 1 bil people: Greenpeace


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Must be making the bizarre assumption that Nuclear power plants do not use water. There is going to be a huge push for India to go more Nuclear -so expect the Nuclear/clean propaganda to really be pushed hard in the face of Fukushima Nuclear issues.

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“By choosing to continue huge investments in coal to power their economies for decades to come, governments would commit the world to a future of an ever more desperate fight for scarce water resources,” the report said." - article

This is why the Koch Bros. Co. wants the Keystone pipeline, to line the pockets of the GOP/Tea and destroy the global environment.

There's a good buck to be made in disaster. Just ask the Americans. They're spending seven Trillion on Bush's wars out of the pockets of American Citizens to achieve the same thing.

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There's a good buck to be made in disaster. Just ask the Americans.

I am an American.

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expect the Nuclear/clean propaganda well its not propaganda compared to coal nuclear is very clean, coal power stations are one of the largest CO2 producers in the world and we already know the $trillions in damage to the worlds enviroment this is causing. Nuclear isnt perfect but it will play a large role in power production in the future esp China and India

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Nuclear or coal, steam generation uses water. The sun is free and plentiful in most regions. Improving technology can be an answer.

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