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Coalition launched to provide school lunches to global needy


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You can bet they do, as well as the children of JAPAN and many others, @ArtistAtLarge 1:44pm.

Since you want to point fingers at certain countries, let’s start where we live, shall we? According to one previous poster, “1/4 of the population sleeps hungry. what a shame”.

Here’s some sobering information: - https://borgenproject.org/6-facts-about-hunger-in-japan/ -

*[paraphrased] “Japan is known for its pop culture, life, fashion & international business. Yet, hunger in Japan is a bigger issue than what the surface shows. It is not often considered that there are so many people living in absolute poverty (the equivalent of making less than $1.25 per day). Japan has a population of 126,466,402 citizens. … the 3rd-largest economy in the world, it is accompanied by a poverty rate of 15%. That means 18,969,960 people in Japan are living below the poverty line. The main causes of food insecurity in Japan include unemployment and disability…” -*

Responding to @ArtistAtLarge 1:44pm: “The children in America thank you!

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The children in America thank you!

Too right! A football (soccer) player called Marcus Rashford has led a campaign for this to happen in the UK too. It may be shameful that kids go hungry in rich countries, Japan included, but its undeniable that it happens.

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Obesity is a much bigger problem in the UK, 26% of eight year olds are now obese. Maybe if the parents cancelled their £60 a month Sky TV and £15 a pack cigarette purchases, they could afford a 60p loaf of bread to make some toast for their kids breakfast.

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The children in America thank you!

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