Coalition says at least 165 Yemen rebels killed near Marib


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To bring peace to Yemen, Saudis should stop bombing them, and stop meddling in their affairs, and pay for damages they caused. Western media talks about Houthis as if they are al Qaeda. They are the current government of Yemen with 80% of Yemenis living under them. They have said, they have no problems to have other Yemeni political factions excluding ISIS, and al Qaeda, join them in governing. The whole Yemeni war is about US controlling Bab-el-Mandeb (Strait located between Yemen on the Arabian Peninsula, and Djibouti and Eritrea in the Horn of Africa) through Saudi Arabia, to prevent a possible Chinese entry.

What's missing is acknowledging that this cluster is blowback on the Saudis for trying to dilute the power of the Zaiydi and Al-Hirak by creating two province's one in the shape of a rectangle that would've attached Saada to Sanaa and the others splitting Aiden province in two.

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The thing is that the foreign backed, already overthrown, 'official' government is facing most of the Yemen military, as well as the 'Iran backed' (And entirely Yemen born) militias and the only thing keeping them in control of ANY part of Yemen is the US and Saudi warplanes willingness to bomb without discrimination.

Well, that and buying the locals to do the actual fighting, though that tends to only last until the 'rebels' start showing up in force, at which point the locals tends to just fade away from the paymasters of the 'official government'. Which is indeed presently happening in Marib, almost the last holdout for those who don't think that the population of Yemen should decide who governs Yemen.

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The USUK "axis of evil" could halt this slaughter and crime against humanity at any time, but the truth of their meddling will only be revealed and admitted 50 years hence (like the recently released papers showing the UK government's nefarious role in the 1967 fascist military coup in Indonesia, a bloodbath of Holocaust proportions.

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Correction: the 1965 Suharto military coup.

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Saudi-US supported coalition called those killed 'rebels'.

Many Yemenis would call them 'revolutionists' who died championing their rights.

Who is who? Who has the final say?..

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