Cocaine production hit new record in 2017: U.N. report


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As long as there is a market for these drugs there will be people willing to literally risk their lives to produce and sell it.

It's a world wide problem and not one that Columbia should be facing alone.

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i thought meth was those days cocaine ... interesting

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Legalize all drugs, cut out the poor quality and cartels. Have drug education at schools, so people know from an early age the pros and cons of ingesting drugs and alcohol.

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people are hardly "risking their lives" to produce or sell coca. the product is totally controlled by FARC, so farmers aren't being killed because they grow or don't grow coca.

columbia (sic) has not been "facing it alone" for the past several decades. don't you think the world, led by the US, has been trying to stem the flow of cocaine from colombia? but nothing has worked because the country has a weak and corrupt central gov't.

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Governments like the States, and other rich countries should buy the entire crops and then destroy them. Same with opium in Afghan.

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Same with opium in Afghan.

Problem is, many people rely on growing poppies to simply exist. What does one replace it with?

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well I hope this means a price drop as well....

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Decriminalize and TAX the bugle.

Ravenous nostrils across Western Europe clearly aren't going away.

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What about 2018? No figures for 2018? 2019 is already half over...

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UN efficiency. Takes 2 yrs to get data compiled?

When it comes to recreational drug use, assuming it is taxed and correctly labeled, let adults choose for themselves. Make the taxes sufficient to address addiction for people who inevitably need the help. If that means the taxes are 1% or 9000%, fine. Tax sufficiently to handle current and future issues.

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Its simply amazing that people who are not profiting from the black market, after all these decades of complete failure to curtail drug use, still support the drug war. One definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over but expecting a different result. Just give anyone who wants to them ration books so they KNOW the recommended limits. Let their families, non-profits and the grim reaper take care of the addicts. Just stop throwing tax money at things like cops and private prisons that we don't actually need and obviously are not working to do anything but make evil men rich.

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