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Cockpit chaos on doomed 2009 Air France flight


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Airbus will always blame the pilot. Faulty equipment, tails breaking off, computer taking control of the plane and crashing it into trees or whatever is never the planes fault.

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This reads like a movie... I kept thinking of the absent minded captain of the Airplane movies... I know pilots and they all tell me that the equator and gravitational pull near or on it throws the equipment off and then you have a napping skipper and storm... just sayin. The Airbus A330 has a damn good record btw... near perfect.

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I believe the Airbus's have had previous problems with those external speed sensors. In fact, didn't that cause another crash a while back?

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I only took Air France because of the convenience factor and the food service in business, but now I think I'll just avoid AF completely.

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Scary! All that high-tech, and a clogged up pitot tube sends all to hell.

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My guess is that, with faulty speed readings, the pilot assumed he was going to fast rather than too slow and thus increased his angle of attack. Still, it appears that the altimeter was working, so when it became apparent that they were loosing altitude - confirmed by the stall warning - they should have rethought their approach.

Apparently the hit the ocean with more vertical speed than horizontal. Reminds me a bit of the 2009 Continental Connection Flight 3407 outside Buffalo, NY.

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Horrible! Now Air France must try to blame Airbus, and Airbus must try to explain that it is not their fault but try and blame Air France, all the while many, many people are still sad and in shock so many had to die from this stupid, stupid accident over the Atlantic Ocean. RIP

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