Colorado balloon boy parents plead guilty in hoax


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The continued lack of background information on Mayumi Heene seems a bit odd. She appears to be a Japanese citizen with no apparent hometown, family, or history in Japan other than being a "Japanese citizen". Maybe it is just that all that is not relevant to the case, or maybe there is something else going on.

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In the meantime, Lane said Richard Heene intends to seek employment with trips to New York and California, and his wife plans to accompany him. The judge adjusted their bond to allow them to do so, as long as they report to probation services within seven days.

Are they crazy? Why does she have to go along? To hold his hand? Do they really think they'll report within 7 days? This is a couple of scammers. Odds are they'll disappear. If not, maybe she should be deported. Japan would surely deport a foreigner for something like this.

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"Are they crazy?"

Yep. And what really gets to them most is that nobody cares.

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Japanese wives go along with any weird ideas their husbands come up with.

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Odds are they'll disappear.

Not likely. They may try unsuccessfully but a family like that with those personalities and egos will have a very difficult time staying unnoticed in the US where so many know their faces and story from all the media coverage they've received.

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If anyone is really really interested, here is a complete explanation of plea deals and avoidance of deportation. Ft. Collins Coloradoan and Nine News. You might have trouble with the link because of characters that JT will not accept. Story is

'Balloon Boy' parents enter guilty pleas

What kills me is that his "science" is really bad. He wants to present himself as a genius, but he has no background or knowledge of what he is doing. I reviewed his plan for the first season of his "TV show" proposal, and he basically has the chops for three shows. The rest is Leonard Nimoy stuff.

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Mayumi should be deported, the husband go to jail for wasting taxpayers money not to mention possibly endangering search teams lives and the kids put into a social service foster type home with some seriously strict parents to teach them manners.

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Hawkeye. My understanding is that the bill is about 6000 dollars and that they have agreed in principle to restitution. The article I linked to above describes that Mayumi got a plea deal, which eased prosecution and probably saved at least that much in court costs for everybody.. even taxpayers. She is exempt from testifying against him and he did not have to testify against her, so without the plea, they would have had to rely on the kids as witnesses. Ugh. Mayumi did the right thing and life goes on. You can bet her husband would have chosen the trial. She flipped, so he gave up, and the case closes.

She is the stable one in the family, if you can believe that. Dad is off the wall and the kids are nearly feral. They are living way beyond their means, which appear to be zero. If Mayumi has gained more control of that household as a result of all this, it would be a good outcome.

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