Colorado floods leave 500 unaccounted for


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500 missing?? That is a lot of people even by US standards! Do hope they get help out there in Colorado!

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There was a nice little break in the rain Saturday so we ran a quick errand to the Aurora mall. Within a half hour of coming home the sky opened up again and we were pelted with hail, rain, thunder and lightening. The news showed that the very mall we just left had flooded and the section of the parking lot we were in had turned into a lake. This rain is just crazy. I hope that they are able to make contact soon with those that are still unaccounted for.

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In case like these, I always think the nine most reassuring words in the english language are

"We're from the government, and we're here to help."

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We are still getting more rains from 2 pm until midnight today.

This is almost like a biblical flood that I have never seen before. Yes, over 500 people are still missing. We had many natural disasters in the past two years including this flood and major wild fires that burned thousands of beautiful acres in the Rockies. Looks like we have been cursed. The Fed government has been doing a great work for the rescue mission.

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Maybe the goverment planners of the future towns in Colorado and surrounding states has to build in higher elevation away from the rivers. What is becoming a familiar tag line: a once in 100 or 500 year flood. As our climate warms up, rain is being released at once making these storms more and more common. Of course, floods are increasing. Face it, some people will never accept climate change. In the past, 100 year floods were called 100 year floods because they happened every 100 years. Now those same floods that happen every year or two or ten are still called 100 year floods? Why is that right?

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