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Colorado to launch 'don't drive stoned' ads


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Wonderful, just wonderful. Taxpayer money used to "educate" idiots? Whomever driving a car impaired and doesn't realize the risk of injury or death while under an influence shouldn't has a driving liscence anyway. So we spend taxpayer money to "inform" Them!

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I bet a lot of the Stoners will still drive...

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Yeah, just like drunk driving but no one is trying to claim to make it illegal again!

Ends "sarcasm"

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Tax payer money is regularly used for anti-drunk driving campaigns, because people still drive drunk. Why would this be any different?

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Drivers convicted of operating a vehicle while under the influence of this Schedule 1 narcotic should receive in loooong prison terms.


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Yeah dude! Like I drove all stoned and like I drove out in a snow blizzard and like dude!! I hit black ice and I was like dude!!!! You all get the picture???

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Well, its not like people suddenly started driving high yesterday is it? It would be nice to see some stats on how many accidents were caused by people who were high, especially the fatal ones.

I am thinking the money might be better spent on don't drive angry campaigns, don't drive sleepy, and don't drive on your prescription meds campaigns. Stats would lay that bare.

I also question why this costs near half a million when some people make movies in their basements and backyards that we can see for free on youtube, and some of them are pretty impressive. If they can do light saber effects, I am sure a call to one could get a real deal on a decent commercial.

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