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Protests roiling U.S. colleges escalate with arrests, new encampments and closures


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On May 4, 1970

54 years ago.

It seems like we're nearly back there again. Maybe time to play that Neil Young song again.


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During the Vietnam War, the National Guard shot and killed four students at Kent State University during protests.

On May 4, 1970

54 years ago.

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Universities are the class war boot camps of the elite. Paying off student debts provides a spur to suburban parents, many of whom are beginning to wonder whether they may not just be a waste of money, but actually harmful to their kids and the wider society, to go on supporting them.

Afraid we just have to go on forking out until the mass of people understand just how corrupt these institutions have become.

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One side effect of the linking of the American support for the breakaway Chinese province of Taipei with the support for the Azov and Israeli regimes is that, in the superficial politics of America, when the unsavory nature of the two regimes becomes acknowledged by the American media, the popularity of supporting the third will inevitably be diminished, and repudiating the support for that breakaway province may come to be seen as a way of retroactively repudiating support for the other two.

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That the answer by ever more Americans to their governments and institutions trying to shut down the dissent and protests is to JOIN the protests despite the efforts to smear and vilify protesters, and the risks of being victims of official and unofficial harassment and intimidation campaigns is a hopeful sign that eventually even America will be dragged into opposing the regime the ICJ has declared to be plausibly guilty of genocide.

That, when it happens, the American government will retroactively proclaim itself to have been the foremost country in opposing that regime is a given.

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Governments are funding foreign war atrocities thousands of miles away from their own countries against the wishes of their own people-undemocratic!

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Gladly many people still have conscience in US, months after Aaron Bushnell protest now many students protesting same issue. That protest being covered by US news and non-US news in different ways.


Non-US said pro-Palestine protest





While US news said is all about Anti-Semitic





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