Columbine killer's mom speaks out after 10 years


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Glad she shared this with us. Thanks.

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I think sometimes when we are looking to try and understand crimes like this, trying to fit them into the same world that we live in we have a tendency to lay the blame on some obvious target, a killers parents are sometimes that easy target when in truth they are just as much victims as the parents of those who have been murdered. I can imagine that this lady has been through her own hell these last years, she not only lost her son, but I should imagine there were not that many who would have been there to help. She committed no crime, but I am sure she paid as though she had.

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I've often wondered what it must be like to be the parent of these people who commit these types of crimes. And I feel so very sorry for some of them like this lady. I just couldn't imagine what it must be like to look at someone/thing and know the damage that my child had caused.

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Touching maybe,but took 10 years to express these thoughts??? Ban guns period.

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It's a tragic story, and a reminder that there were more people victimized by the crime than most of us originally considered. If you have kids, don't be afraid to look into what they're doing. Get outside help if you feel like you're in over your head. Your kid(s) might throw a fit about it now, but they'll likely thank you for caring when they've matured.

Ban guns period.

Having used a gun in self-defense, I respectfully disagree. They're just tools. It's the person using the tool that you have to pay attention to. Just consider all the violent crimes involving knives in Japan the UK. Also, remember that the two perpetrators of the massacre obtained their guns in spite of laws designed to prevent such purchases. It's not the lack of laws, it's the lack of enforcement.

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