New UK leader Truss vows to tackle energy crisis, ailing economy


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Johnson was kicked out by his own people.

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That would be the energy crisis and the ailing economy that were caused by the Tory sanctions and the Tory Brexit.

With that 3% promise added to Truss's other plans, the effects of Brexit and the increasing cost of debt repayments as interest rates soar, could the UK be heading towards a default?

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Bojo used to remind me of a mop, LT now reminds me of a door mat. For some reason, Tony Blair is the only PM that evokes a statesman, though I hated it every time I hear him defend the Iraq war and thinks of a criminal.

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She will do absolutely nothing for the average working person struggling to pay their energy bills and feed their family at this time.

It's time for the Tories to leave no.10.

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The Queen ditched her two-bar electric fire and opted for a real wood-burning one.

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Very hopeful and great to have a female prime minister.

So you are saying that competence is defined by gender?

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To be ruled by women and foreigners before the final collapse.

Well whatever angle this comment comes from, I would rather be ruled by a woman and foreigner, than be ruled by the LDP.

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Truss sphinx like, just dismissed Keir Starmer, every question

I saw the dull, wooden PM being attacked by the dull, wooden leader of the opposition.

There might be something good in this. As she is so boring, maybe there will be more focus on policy and what her government actually delivers. She certainly isn’t going to paper over any cracks with charm, eloquence, entertainment or inspiration.

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Truss is just marking time as Boris works the numbers and makes his next run for leader - in 12-18 months.

She looks like a very poor choice.

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£100 billion to cap energy costs for 2 years. It's a bandaid and won't solve the long-term problem of energy supplies, especially LNG and natural gas.

The dark patch on the hand of the queen. IV or injury?

The Tories have been in power for 12 years and carry the can for the present situation.

Suspend VAT on energy bills.

6.5 million people in England waiting for operations.

The national debt is 99.6% of GDP. At the end of the 1st quarter of 2021, the United States' public debt-to-GDP ratio was 127.5%.

The Uk will build six new nuclear reactors but needs to continue to increase the use of renewables. Liz Truss is likely to suspend the ban on fracking.

Most people use gas for heating and cooking.

The inflation rate is 10%.

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Good luck girl ya gonna need it!

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The USA succeeded England as the seat of the Empire That Never Ends. And it is following in England’s path; it too is destined to suffer that ancient Biblical curse: To be ruled by women and foreigners before the final collapse.

You do realize that foreigners - by Constitutional law - cannot "rule" the US?

You must be feeling a bit sheepish now. It really does pay to think before you type.

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With respect to Liz truss the "speech" was more wooden than the lectern Truss was clinging onto.

That is disingenuous and unfair I know.

However the Prime Minster will, as much as have the team around her to inspire confidence in government but also invigorate a nation that soon will face hardship that will test even the most resilient pneuma.

No confirmed energy policy has been formally announced/published.

So the media are second guessing.......

Ed Davey, leader of the opposition Liberal Democrats, on Tuesday called for an early election in October — something that Truss and the Conservative Party are highly unlikely to do since the Tories are slumping in the polls.

A general election? That is the most preposterous foolish nonsense, uttered from dimwit Davey to date.

Speed is of the essence, more instability resulting in a possible hung parliament would be catastrophic ruinous to an economy facing recession.

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True or false: if the press cut to a live feed of the cat (again) the public would not be appreciably worse informed on Liz’s plans.

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Truss has appointed her friend, and fellow tone deaf moron, Theresa ‘crisis, what crisis’ Coffey as Health Secretary. Says it all.

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The reality is this so called new government isn't really going to be all new is it !

Yes it is. The new PM has already selected her new Cabinet.

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Liz Truss became UK prime minister

You mean "Theresa May 2.0"

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Hit and long as you can hold the fort

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I bet she says that to all the boys.

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PMQs Live: Liz Truss faces Keir Starmer for the first time in Parliament

Scroll to favored point.

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The first Liz Truss PMQ is straight out, Margaret Thatcher free market economics.

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Be prepared for a complete change of direction. fracking, a freeze in zero carbon pledges, the possible reopening/refiring of coal power stations, a move to a self sustainable energy policy.

Truss sphinx like, just dismissed Keir Starmer, every question.

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I have less trust in Liz Truss. By the way, what's the difference between the Black Sea and the Baltic Sea?

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Truss is just marking time as Boris works the numbers and makes his next run for leader - in 12-18 months.

She looks like a very poor choice.

The Boris era is over. Truss looks a very good choice, and the type of person who can excel in crisis.

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We should be rejoicing as the alternative would have been Rishi and I wasn’t ready!

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New UK leader Truss vows to tackle energy crisis, ailing economy:

Does she really know that she has been making countless irresponsible & unqualified pledges so far just to grab the premiership?

Now she is making more less-than-realizable promises..

Be patient to wait & see..

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It's time for the Tories to leave no.10.

Who should take the keys? Or should we leave the property vacant for some of Khans mates to squat in.

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The Bank of England forecasts it will hit 13.3% in October, and that the UK will slip into a prolonged recession by the end of the year.

Whether she has abilities or not, nothing can save the path the UK is headed. The UK eased restrictions on its zero covid policy too early and the effects are still being felt economically.

Fighto!Today  07:39 am JST

Truss is just marking time as Boris works the numbers and makes his next run for leader - in 12-18 months.

Absolutely. Boris is needed especially at this time, with his hardline stance against Putin.

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