Controversial father of Pakistan nuclear bomb dies at 85


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Pakistan was accused of selling nuclear weapons technology to North Korea in exchange for its No-Dong missiles capable of carrying nuclear warheads.

You can thank Khan for N.Korea’s nuclear weapons.

:“We (Pakistanis) will eat grass, even go hungry, but we will have our own (nuclear bomb).”

Except a privileged few most N.Koreans have eaten grass for their nuclear weapons!!!

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Born in Bhopal, India, he had to flee to Pakistan in the years after the partition of the subcontinent with nothing more than a bag of books on his back and the humiliation that he faced on the way turned him into a lifelong hater of Hindus.

He is not just the father of Pakistan's nuclear program but also of Iran, North Korea and could well have been of Libya as well as of any other country willing to pay. Since he agreed with Bhutto's vision that Pakistan's nuclear bomb was not just Pakistan's alone but it was a bomb for the ummah (the Islamic Bomb).

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"the ummah (the Islamic Bomb)". Got to be the most obscene symbol of the frightening threat Religion has held over this beautiful planet throughout our history. To think that such a device is made to destroy what the developers own God is supposed to have created? Astonishing, indeed frightening that individuals with such intellectual potential in other aspects are so stupid that they believe in religion (fairy tales). The only thing that I would "Nuke" is the entire concept of religion itself. All Religion has ever done is control, manipulate, exploit and harm people. The irony that even science is manipulated by religion is abhorrent to everything science should stand for.

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Funny how some people object to the 'Islamic bomb', but not the 'Christian bomb', or the 'Jewish bomb'.

Two further ironies in that post, his belief in the imaginary 'Iranian nuclear weapons program', and overlooking that the 'Christian bomb' is the only one to have been used, and that it was used on the country who's media he posted his screed to.

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The above poster who acts so concerned about Japan forgets shamelessly that the country faces twin threats from nations who either benefited from or gave benefit to Pakistan and AQ Khan's nuclear smuggling setup. And it is only because of the nuclear umbrella provided by the 'Christian bomb' that there has been peace on the islands for the past three quarters of the century.

His arguments seem straight out of a wumao handbook and are not worth any further attention.

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