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Australian PM defends response as weather brings respite in fires


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Yes, we humans include humans who live in Africa and humans who live in whatever your definition of a 'socialist economy' is. Why would you assume otherwise? Humans... get it?

So, as long as 'WE' define success as the collection and consumption of things, we'll--- it's over. Bamboo straws, energy-saving light bulbs, lithium batteries, paper instead of plastic, etc. will do nothing and that's why nothing has been accomplished. Our very way of life, the way we reward behavior or even think about reward/aka: money, gold, wealth has to change. BUT here we are, misunderstanding the word 'HUMAN', it's over...

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Is it weather or climate that is bringing respite?

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We humans have created consumption based economy that chews up every possible resource as we buy, pollute and destroy.

Every economy is consumption-based. Do you think in socialist economies people do not consume anything?? The population of Africa is going to octuple to about 8 billion this century, in itself doubling the world population. No matterwhat anybody does, this in itself this will not massively increase consumption of ressources.

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More noise that solves nothing. We humans have created consumption based economy that chews up every possible resource as we buy, pollute and destroy. Today, it's the electric car! LOL, sure 100 of millions new cars will fix??? Nothing.

This PM, the USA President are not the problem or the solutions to the fact that the earth may just become a place that no longer supports mammals.

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It's easy to criticize the PM, but I'll leave that to others, instead, let's not forget giving praise to those who are on the front-line fighting the fires as best they can.

Also, have a think about the following:


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Australia's Trump can try and bluster his way out of responsibility for the disastrous response to the predicted in advance catastrophe, but Australian firefighters aren't held to the code of silence on governmental incompetency that American soldiers are.

THEY (And the Australian public who have paid attention to the previous fire seasons) know that hitting wildfires fast, early, and hard is the only thing that works, and the thing Morrison, for the most crass of political reasons, prevented from happening.

The global community of wildfire fighters would have responded practically instantly to a request for help, with the details of payments left for others to work out later on well established principles (i know, because when the wildfire season here in Alberta turned out to be beyond the capabilities of Canada's large wildfire fighting capacity, the ever expanding calls for help eventually saw crews from as far away as South Africa in the middle of Alberta's far north (nearest city to where they ended up is Yellowknife, look it up on a map) and our local wildfire fighting personnel had their bags packed when the Australian wildfires first hit the news (And the frontline ones still do, the command and support staff are already in Australia, having driven the three hours that is the first step in what I can testify is the long journey from here to Australia when the limited and late request for help finally was issued by Morrison)

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Once again this show shows the complete incompetence of a political leader. There should be a club created for all incompetent world leaders, they would have no trouble filling the registration. What I can't understand is, how, with all these fires burning out of control across three states in Australia, mostly challenged by brave rural volunteer fire fighters, why it took so long to make a decision to bring in the military reservist and the leasing of fire fighting aircraft. What was wrong in bringing in the military from the beginning, and Australia having its own fire fighting aircraft, it's not that this was the first time a fire has broken out. Always politicians put cost above people and their property, things have to change, but how naive of me , it has been this way throughout my lifetime and doesn't look like changing in the near or distant future.

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