COP27 kicks off with deal to discuss climate compensation

By Gloria Dickie and Kate Abnett

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Delegates from nearly 200 countries kicked off the U.N. climate summit in Egypt on Sunday with an agreement to discuss compensating poor nations for mounting damage linked to global warming, placing the controversial topic on the agenda for the first time since climate talks began decades ago.

UN/global aid organization funds have a way of making it into the offshore accounts of the authoritarian leaders of poor nations.

Why not compensate poor people? With mobile payment options available today direct payments are more than possible.

Rising living standards have been found to solve a host of ills; overpopulation, disease, infant mortality.

This could be an effective climate strategy.

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Without the rich countries, who have created the mess, doing something the poor will seek to compensate themselves by trying to get into the rich countries in even greater numbers. And who could blame them? What would you do in their situation?

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Maybe you haven’t realized yet, but the populations of all the so-called rich countries needs quite some financial help and money for solving their problems too and they need it also first, otherwise there isn’t anything left and no technology available to help the some poorer countries. Take a minute or two to think about just that!

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So it is starting off with a failure. There are not enough activists anywhere to keep any politicians in power who tax citizens and hand over the money to other countries.

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Yeah I’m quite sure this is just another thing the USA will be 99% paying for on behalf of “the world”. As long as certain people get their 10% cut.

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Europe is going to freeze to death this winter and you are talking about global warming?!!!!!

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the US is the third largest polluter, after China and India.

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Nothing like jetting into a seaside resort town to whine about the rise of the oceans.....

Nothing like spending chilly November days in a nice warm beach resort....

If only there was technology available for people to meet without actually being physically face to face....

Man, being a climate cultist is a good gig!

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the US is the third largest polluter, after China and India.

So then the USA can pay the 3rd highest amount?

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It's quite amazing how the elites of rich countries can still get the poor to believe their countries are poor. They siphon off the wealth and keep the poor in their place and fobbed off with some ridiculous ideology of greed. Look around you when you are out and about in wealthy countries and wonder about who owns all this. Then wonder why people live in poverty even in wealthy countries, leave alone in the struggling ones that have been eviscerated by the wealthy ones. Something is very wrong. We are being played, folks. Maybe this greenwash Copfest is part of it but that is not to say there is not something seriously wrong going on with the state of the living Earth. But, hey, the rich don't want to pay anyway, so your cynical indifference is only to their advantage. Perhaps they can live in space or on Mars while you grub around down below in a desert.

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Good idea. Letś print more money

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the US is the third largest polluter, after China and India.

So then the USA can pay the 3rd highest amount?

I'm not sure CO2 should be described as a pollutant. It's essential for life on this planet. It's not "dirty". It does affect temperature and subsequently climate.

The figures I've seen put the USA above India in terms of total CO2 emissions. But is the more important figure not the per capita emissions? In per capita terms, the USA emits twice as much CO2 as China. India's emissions are way below the world average. (I'm basing this on data at the link below. I can't attest to the accuracy.)

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People are people everywhere. Each life is precious. Rich countries and poor countries are two sides of the same coin. Denmark and Scotland are showing the way. May their tribe increase.

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Instead of countries, multinational polluting companies should pay.

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How much is China going to pay then?

If people really care about pollution they'd never buy anything from there

Fair enough. But western countries will have to start producing their own goods while watching prices rise even more and their own greenhouse gas emissions shoot through the roof. Then, can we get your countries to pay more (not that they've paid anything for historical emissions)?

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