U.S. to send migrants back to Mexico to wait out asylum requests

By Yeganeh Torbati and Anthony Esposito

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“We can't begin to operate, we can't begin to receive. We are not in a place to receive,"

That is the USA stance too when thousands of people show up in a short period of time.

Sounds like Mexico has some adults running the country. Good for them.

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@cla68 Because we can't send them to Mexico unless Mexico is also willing to take them. We can't just arbitrarily dump random people in another country as official policy.

Mexico's government said that it would accept some of those migrants 

This is the key point that makes this possible.

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Why are hundreds or thousands of migrants waiting in Mexico Uncle Sam's problem? Mexico is a big, modern country and there are plenty of places away from the border that aren't dangerous. The migrants can wait there.

Terrible situation but not our problem. Mexico permitted thousands of migrants to enter and then cross Mexico with the expectation they could just go on into the US. The migrants are Mexico’s to deal with. We have millions of poor struggling citizens that need help. Those Americans should be our priority.

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Why didn’t the US start doing this the day after President Trump’s inauguration?

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Spend some of that 10 billion we just have Mexico to take care of them. A liberal activist judge will fly them back to the USA within the week anyway

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