Cosby said he got drugs to give women for sex


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I'm disappointed. Accusations mean little, I maintained respect for him. Admitting guilt is entirely different. He had a brilliant career and legacy in his humor so tarnished now. His legacy will be rape.

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Yep, this is a game changer for me.

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Breaks my heart, I grew up with Bill Cosby as did most Americans in the 70's and 80's and hear this is just heart crushing. I don't even know what to say, but if the allegations are true, then he should take full responsibility for his crimes.

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At least he admitted it. Very stupid on his part, and now his reputation is in tatters. Sad because he was a great comedian and tried to inspire the black community to grow beyond the hood and ghetto mind set. Guess this only leaves MLK as the only inspiration, but he's dead... Jokes will no longer be about his pudding pop voice, but instead about his dirty old man scandal. Very disappointing.

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Hugely funny, successful and rich. Is consensual sex that hard to come by for such people?

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Not quite as funny as his set of "rape jokes" during his Canadian tour.

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No smoke without fire... and now we've seen the bonfire of Cosby's career. Arrest him and lock him away. Just another fallen idol like those in the UK - Rolf Harris, Jimmy Saville, etc...

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I never knew "Quaaludes" was spelled that way. Hmmm... Seriously though, I'm heart broken too. I grew up with Cosby as well. "Hey, hey,'s Fat Albert". Sad.

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Agree with above poster,jcapan. The man was rich, famous, articulate and nice looking. Why did he need to drug and assault these women? You would think women would be lining up to sleep with him.

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said he got seven quaalude prescriptions in the 1970s. The lawyer for Constand asked if he had kept the sedatives through the 1990s — after they were banned — but was frustrated by objections from Cosby’s lawyer.

Maybe these where quaaludes in 1970 ==> but in 2005 (35 years) who knows what these drugs had morphed into? Really a quite unbelievable story unless you grew up in the 60's. You need to go to a Grateful Dead concert to find drugs this funky.

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Last I heard they were available in Mexico several years ago. In U.S. Quaaludes were banned, in other nations they may still be available.

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Weren't Quaaludes disco drugs?

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Quaaludes was a common recreational drug in the 70s and 80s; people take quaaludes and have sex. Cosby's defense lawyer could simply use that as defense. Possession of quaaludes now is a lesser charge, but unfortunately not a smoking gun. He didn't admit on using it without a girl's consent - his lawyer told him not to answer that. Also, the statute of limitations has expired on these criminal cases, though he can still be sued in civil court.

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Bill Cosby is innocent until PROVEN guilty.

That so many are willingly ignoring this fact is something that REALLY should cause concern.

People are trying to analogize by asking some to picture their own daughter or wife being victims of rape & perhaps then their minds will be changed. Ridiculous. One doesn't need to experience rape (either directly or indirectly) to be horrified by the crime. No one in their right minds would condone such a filthy act.

What's being glossed over here is that a man's life is being affected by unproven allegations. That so many are willingly believing something without proof is downright mystifying. A man's life is practically on the line here and so many are condemning him & proclaiming him guilty. Why? Why on Earth would somebody willingly turn their back & betray someone based on the words of another? Especially complete strangers.

If it can ever be proven beyond a shadow of a doubt, then, and ONLY then, should justice be brought forth. If it is ever proven, then, and only then, should condemnation begin. It is cruel & just completely wrong for so many people to make such presumptive statements. It is also very irresponsible for so many because of the fact that their harsh & downright contemptible behavior just leads to others, who cannot or will not, think for themselves.

People want to analogize? Picture someone you love who is innocent of a crime, yet others who don't even know you or truly care about you or your family, condemn your loved one for a crime that they did not commit.

If you truly want to show how much you support justice & truth, then believe what you see & not what others tell you to believe.

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He didn't admit on using it without a girl's consent - his lawyer told him not to answer that. Also, the statute of limitations has expired on these criminal cases, though he can still be sued in civil court.

So logic dictates that he didn't get consent. If he did he would have answered that he did, that his lawyer said not to answer means he did.

What is it with this statute of limitations anyway? Perverts charter? If we had that in the UK Saville, Harris, etc could have been happy and never been nicked (not Saville obviously, as he died before justice could be served)... but why have such a bizarre law? Means Cosby could get away with being a sex fiend.

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Bill Cosby was so big back then. But, I was more into "Cheers" series. The later, Seinfeld. Cosby's stand-up was way too clean . . . Ironically-

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