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Extinction bites: Countries agree to protect sharks and rays


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China hasn't banned shark fins overall, just from being served at official banquets. But there's no reason why we should blame the Chinese especially, since my quick internet check shows that the only G20 country to completely ban the import or export of shark fins is Canada. A lot of countries ban the practice of "finning" including my country of Australia, but they still allow imports of shark fins. Problem is there's no efficient oversight of the practice of finning, so a lot of the shark fins that get through have still been taken from sharks which have then just been thrown back in the water to die.

I had it once, back in the 1980s, but I'd never eat it again.

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China has already banned eating shark fins, so dont blame Chinese! The shark extinction was due to climate change and the ocean becoming warmer than before which is being totally denied by the Trump  administration!

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Fishermen often slice off a shark's fin while the animal is still alive before tossing the writhing carcass back into the ocean.

Where, unable to swim or protect themselves, they sink to the seabed and either drown slowly or are torn to pieces and eaten by opportunist scavengers.

The cruellest trade in the world.

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Japan has been highly dependent on (live) marine resources from the ancient times

= Japanese people have consumed fukahire (shark fin) since the 1980s because TV programs keep promoting it as a supposed delicacy.

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The measures don't ban fishing these sharks and rays, but any trade must be sustainable.

Better than nothing I guess...

The arguments against this measure are pretty baffling though.

"We shouldn't protect these species because we haven't killed enough of them yet."


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Asians have become the Star Trek equivalent of the "Borg", considering their consumption of the planet's wildlife for medicinal and dietary needs. It needs to be stopped by any means necessary.

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