Country star Mindy McCready dead in apparent suicide


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The singer—identified in the statement as Melinda Gayle McCready—is survived by two sons, one of whom is 10 months old, CNN reported, adding that the baby’s father, record producer David Wilson, died of an apparent suicide last month.

Those poor children.

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This is very, very sad, yes poor children and poor PARENTS, I mean the grandparents having their daughter do this, now they must take care of their grandchildren.

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At least they didn't do it J-style.

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Apparently the gramdother already had guardianship of the older child. There had been previous suicide attempts and numerous arrests, including for kidnapping the older child. Sounds like she was struggling for a long time. Poor kids. I hope Grandma is more stable.

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At least they didn't do it J-style.

for sure! kids survived, hurray!

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This are strange suicides.

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She lived a very troubled life. Which, sadly, made for yet more gossip here in Nashville, a town already full of country music industry gossip. That pressure probably didn't help matters any. Condolences to the surviving family, especially the children.

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