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Couple in China sells daughter for iPhone


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How many children are allowed in a family in China now? Do Government allow a family to have a newborn girl now? Looks like no new born girl policy of China was abandoned in Shang Hai now.

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Stupid, stupid stupid so called parents!! Poor girl!!

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The kid is better off without them, for SURE.

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Remember in China life is cheap. And to compound that problem many consider women's lives to be cheaper than men's in China (women shortage anyone?). So for them to attempt to sell a daughter off meant nothing to them apparently.

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Wow...some messed up parents they are. A better upbringing? That is some nonsense excuse to get rid of your daughter.

I hope they get punished for their stupid actions.

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They should have waited until Tuesday when a new line of iPads will come out. No, seriously this is sick. But the little girl will be better off anyway. Prosecute!

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After reading the article, I realized the headline was of tabloid quality and knew before I even looked that the source of the article was AFP. AFP is no better than a tabloid service because the suspects sold the child for money not an iPhone. Only ONE of the things purchased with that money was an iPhone. The story is much more sensational with their choice of headline, though.

On another note: One of the suspects said that, “Giving away the child was not for obtaining benefits, but giving the child better guarantees.” The only problem with that statement is that they didn't "give away" the child, they SOLD the child for money - which they then used to purchase goods for their own use. I doubt their remaining two children were in need of an iPhone or "high-end running shoes". They received the "benefit" of those goods so the statement is absolutely false.

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**Instead of using technology to do such nonsense stuff, why doesnt this lady use this technology to help her family?

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That's more than I paid to adopt my daughter in Japan 23 years ago. And she is worth every yen of it.

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I guess the Apple fanboys have really drunk the kool ade in China. That's just low.

There are plenty of Americans who want to adopt. The kid can have a better life. Hope the parents enjoy the court system!

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I still prefer BlackBerry...

That is if any if you can read that through your cracked screens ;)

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I think the daughter got the better end of that deal.

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After the trial I hope the police execute the iPhone.

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What is a child's life worth? Perhaps two 20 year terms in prison and the two other children removed from them to make certain they will not be sold off?

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if you really wanted to have your daughter be brout up better you wouldnt sell her and then use the money for an iphone.

@Scnadal.Lova--Not necessarily true. There actually do exist win-win situations.

Besides, do you think the baby was actually better off with those parents of hers?

I just think its too bad that official channels could not have been used for the same exchange. There are so many people out there who would love to adopt a baby girl and would take excellent care of her.

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i bet she just wanted the phone. if you really wanted to have your daughter be brout up better you wouldnt sell her and then use the money for an iphone.

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See if the parents were smart they would have just sold their daughter to one of Apple's local sweatshops for cash plus a phone. You know, pretty much quid pro quo. They and Apple would have mutually benefited and they wouldn't have gotten busted for human trafficking either...

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Just goes to show how much better the iPhone is. You couldn't get a daughter for an android.

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