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Court OKs expanding London's road pollution charge


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As a Londoner I welcome the expansion of ULEZ.

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Societies most financially venerable will be at the mercy from this cruel regressive form of road taxation. 

£12.50 every time they drive to an Ultra-Low Emission Zone from an outside neighbouring London borough to visit the hospitals, or supermarkets pubs or restaurants

£12.50 to visit relatives, friends, go to work or just go out for the day.

Khan, 52, insists the wider ULEZ will help improve London's "toxic air pollution", which causes thousands of annual deaths and life-changing illnesses.

This is shut down style of political manipulation to use, weaponize your feelings in a way to control your behaviour, its everything the people despise in the establishment, political elite.

Expansion of the ULEZ will directly affect close to 160,000 cars and 40,000 vans, basically small businesses and charities.

It is the boroughs outside the ULEZ that will be hit with this tax when businesses need to travel into the charging zone.

Sadiq Khan the Mayor of London and TfL plans to expand the vehicle scrappage scheme, however the sums provided won’t come close to allowing businesses and car owners to even cover half the cost of replacement.

I believe this scheme could be Labours moment that could cost them the next election.

Brighton wants to not only enact an ULEZ scheme but also road pricing.

Also, Greater Manchester Mayor Andy Burnham is to create a huge charging zone, 493 square mile 'Clean Air Zone' tax.'

There is no government that could afford to introduce a car scrappage scheme with tax payers’ money.  

Put it to the test let the people decide in a referendum.

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