COVID's impact could mean millions more child marriages: UNICEF


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There is an element of truth in what UNICEF has said about child marriages.

Child marriage has put many young girls at great disadvantages, it is a social injustice that has perpetuated (notably in poorer countries) for centuries.

Could UNICEF not do something positive to alleviate the undesirable situation no matter how difficult it is?

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"School closures, economic stress, service disruptions, pregnancy and parental deaths due to the pandemic are putting the most vulnerable girls at increased risk of child marriage," 

Probably true, in addition to destroying economies and making people crazy. So lets continue these insane lockdowns for a disease with a mortality rate of below 0.5%!

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If third world countries weren’t exploited, families wouldn’t need so many children.

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More and More "unwanted and very sad side-effects" are coming up from all these Lockdowns and Shut Downs, which are, in my opinion, not necessary and could be prevented, if people would be follow the basic prevention rules and would be more positiv and open to take the new vaccine.

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Soon you get it....Finally just guess what kind of countries will make it and how the world will develop and look like, compared with all your home countries that have almost only seniors, no countable marriages and lowest ever childbirth rates ever.

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So lets continue these insane lockdowns for a disease with a mortality rate of below 0.5%!

In the few lucky countries perhaps. But for most of the world, the mortality rate is a lot higher:

(The US is 1.8%)

But let's face it, the most important thing is not the mortality rate - it's the hospitalization rate

The hospitalization rate for this virus is insane! Around the world it's filling up hospitals and breaking the healthcare system like no virus has since the Spanish Flu (name another virus that can do this, nobody can)

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