COVID case cuts short Singapore 'cruise to nowhere'


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"cruise to nowhere" 

yeah i think whoever is sailing this knows that there's only one place u will reach which is a place where everyone get infected

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have been in close contact with another case before boarding,

had tested negative before boarding.

Passengers on board were informed in the early hours that a guest had tested positive

A good example for what I said here millions of times here, a negative test is just for the moment.

Before boarding negative, on board positiv.

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"The passenger was fully vaccinated" - ummm, would that have been from a Sinovac jab? Many places in the world are finding out that Moderna and Pfizer are the gold standard, and everyone else is still at risk.

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Doesn’t commonsense keep people off ships nowadays?

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Turns out it was a false alarm. Other media sources are reporting the man was taken to a Singapore hospital and subsequently tested negative for Covid-19.

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