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COVID outbreak 'extremely grim' as Shanghai extends lockdown


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No, they don’t know so much more, but they know what to do after the few things are known.

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Rodney, I think your figures are a bit wacky

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Purely anecdotal, but from friends I have talked to who live there, nobody is particularly happy about it, but they make do and understand why it is happening. They do feel that the government response was too weak at first, and that is why things are worse now.

They are glad they at least get food delivered by the government to their houses, but also obviously getting a bit stir-crazy even with that. Nobody lives in Shanghai for the spacious flats, certainly.

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China is smart. Only around 7000 deaths in a nation of 140,000,000

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China's largest and busiest seaport is closed. All the ships that were supposed to load and depart are stuck. Ships that were expecting to unload cannot enter. Shippers cannot get their products out but because of the lockdown those businesses are closed. Even if a shipper could get their container on a ship leaving another port they cannot move the freight out of Shanghai. This disrupts shipping schedules all across the globe. Air freight is likewise in turmoil.

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This is nuts. You get more deaths with winter flu, RTAs or DIY accidents. I wonder what Shanghai residents really think about this, 'off cam'.

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