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Crackdown following failed coup in Turkey raises concerns


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Notice Erdogan was way out of town. Notice he said it was the perfect opportunity to go after dissidents. Those of us who study history and political science would be disingenuous if we didn't highly suspect that Erdogan orchestrated this "attempted coup" himself. Lots to win. Nothing to lose.

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Gulen, who lives in Saylorsburgh, Pennsylvania, espouses a philosophy that blends a mystical form of Islam with democracy.

Actually it's Saylorsburg, PA.

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The masses in the street are celebrating, chanting "allahhu akhbar!" Just what the world needs.

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Such terrorist groups as Ahrar ash-Sham, Jeish al-Islam and Free Syrian Army congratulated Erdogan with his victory. Very telling. Anyone still wants to say "Erdogan fights with terrorism in Syria"?

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now the American and the European want to save and support the coup terrorist, because they are both allies and they want another Syria and Iraq. These European hypocrites still want to destroy Turkey

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How did these guys communicate and coordinate their plan without their superiors or Turkish Intelligence finding out. Please explain that.

Sorry, which coup? The one in 1960? 1971? 1980? 1997? 2016? Seems that conspirators actually do a pretty good job of hiding their plans. You might want to try some new propaganda and resubmit. We'll let you know how you're doing.

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The coup in Pakistan, the coup in Iraq/saddam hussain, the coup in Egypt, all the tyrants in the Arab countries, the coup in the north american countries, they all came through the support of the US. There is only one country on the earth where coup is not possible because their is no American embassy and that is America, the American embassy has been the center of all these stuff, there is a large number of the Military dictators and tyrants who used to walk or still walking on the red carpet with the European and the American leaders.

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Poor military soldiers, they were so played, notice how erogoden allowed the mob to beat them, and erogoden and his Islamist followers r crying immediately to burn the soldiers to death. Of course erogoden wants this, to hide his evidence of him putting the coup together, to backdoor the govt judges, who follow a democratic rule of law, not Islamic law. Erogoden made it very clear he wants Islam to rule like an iron fist in Turkey. Horrible thing, I believe erogoden is going to get away with it, cause u know,no newsedia allowed to speak to the soldiers.

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there are simultaneously two articles on discussion in this news paper, 290 people killed by these coup terrorists, not a single person condemn these killings neither any European leader condemn these killings these are the double standards of the European.

This is impossible to continue any military dictatorship/Tyrants without the support of the western countries and you see the example of north korea and Saddam hussain " when he stopped buying weapons from western countries, as long as a Dictators and a Tyrant served western countries they will stay for years.

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Don't you feel a bit sheepish having initially cheered on the coup? "Go coup go!" ....

What gives?

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UK out of EU, Turkey in. And EU, you are welcome to it.

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The situation in Turkey after this coup more and more will look like the situation in Germany after the failed coup against Hitler on July 20, 1944. Heads will roll, all suspicious officers of the armed forces and security apparatus will be mercilessly purged, only sycophants of the Fuhrer, I mean Sultan Erdogan and his Islam agenda, will stay. What a wonderful member of NATO!

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If the coup was genuine, how come

(shaking my finger at you) No, no, no.

Don't get confused, my friend. Asking things like, "how come" isn't proof of anything. Nothing at all. You're free to ask the question, but no, I don't think I'm going to let you answer your own question and then use the answer as actual evidence of something. You are a biased person presenting speculation, nothing more.

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