Craigslist removes adult services section


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Craigslist closed the adult services section of its website Saturday, replacing it with a black bar that says “censored

More censorship in the land of freedumb

it couldn’t adequately block potentially illegal ads promoting prostitution and child trafficking.

I have never heard of the child trafficking. Was this just thrown in to make a fallicious "for the children" argument, or can someone do what AP didn't and provide even a shred of proof?

Authorities point to the case of 24-year-old Philip Markoff as a prime example of the dangers posed by Craigslist services.

And they think censorship of "adult" type ads is the answer to preventing murder through Craigslist? What are they going to do when someone kills another over a faulty TV sold through Craigslist?

This is just the same ridiculous bullcrap we always see peddled by anti-sex puritans. They want to crack down on prostitution, so they point out the link between prostitution and murder. But, of course, they never acknowledge the fact that the link exists because they drove prostitution underground, for the sake of "morality".

Of course, not all adult ads on Craigslist are prostitution. But they want to crack down on that too for their "morality". I would suggest they shove their "morality" somewhere, but the trouble is, their heads are blocking the path!

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They need to censor ALL publications with "adult" ads if they are going to do this to craigslist. Fifteen years ago, in Woodland Park, CO, a young woman was killed and her body dumped in a car trunk a couple of blocks from the police station. Two men from out of town contacted the woman via a newspaper ad to come to their hotel and give them a massage.

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