Cricket hero Imran Khan sworn in as Pakistan PM

By Nasir Jaffry

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Yes, the Military and Intelligence agencies run, or ruin Pakistan, along with government-sanctioned National Laws, Sharia Laws and Pashtunwali or traditional laws. He'll have to steer nimbly between these three. Imran Khan still carries the stigma of his past with drinking and affairs with multiple women offending the hard-line traditional men in Pakistan.

Declan Walsh in The Guardian newspaper in England in 2005 described Khan as a "miserable politician," observing that, "Khan's ideas and affiliations since entering politics in 1996 have swerved and skidded like a rickshaw in a rainshower... He preaches democracy one day but gives a vote to reactionary mullahs the next.

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Best of luck - but i can't see him lasting long

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My favorite cricketer all rounder ever.But with the military looming over everything a la Thailand,I struggle to see where he can break the mold and allow cricket to be played there again,let alone improve the country's conditions.

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Wow! That’s great! I hope he’s up for the challenge. If any of you cricket fans are up for a laugh, check out ‘the twelf man’ on YouTube. It’s the funniest cricket commentary you’ll ever hear. :D

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I'm surprised he's still alive given the number of times he's taken a 'tumble' from the stages and scaffolding. If it looks dodgy, then chances are, it'll collapse.

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“Believes feminism has degraded motherhood.” He would have my vote solely from that statement.

But coming from a womanizer doesn't degrade fatherhood

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“Believes feminism has degraded motherhood.” He would have my vote solely from that statement.

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