Crocodile suspected of killing Australian girl


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Crikey! Where's the crocodile hunter when you need him?!

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What an awful way to go. I feel very sorry for this poor girl, as well as her family. Can't blame the crock, of course, but damn....

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RIP kid, but why were they swimming in the swamp, where crocodiles ussualy live.

Altria- you mean Crocodile Dundee?

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Agree with dennis. Swimming in a swamp in a crocodile infested area has got "bad idea" written all over it.

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I don't even swim in lakes because of what "might" be in there. if I go into the water off the beach, once my feet aren't able to be seen, I get a bit nervous and those little seaweed like things tingling on your feet...

They ought to make swimming in swamps banned. And, why the heck would you live so close to where these animals are?

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The second death by crocodile in just a few weeks. I feel sorry for the poor girl and her family, but why, why would anyone want to swim in a croc-inhabited swamp in the first place?

if I go into the water off the beach, once my feet aren't able to be seen, I get a bit nervous

I used to hate sea-bathing, couldn't understand why anyone would want to immerse themselves in dirty, salty water in which lurked .... things. (Think Southport, Blackpool, Rhyl. I did not have a sea-blessed childhood.)

Then I discovered the seas around Okinawa and the Bonins.....tropical fishes cute enough to knock yer socks off, colourful corals, waving fronds of seaweed, shy little sea anemones, and great visibility to let you appreciate it all... can't get enough of it!

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To skipthesong and cleo a message, including a reminder that living in Lambells Lagoon NT Australia is probably quite unlike anything that you have imagined. It's way out there and when it is so described in Australia I can assure you that to town or city folk, as you may be, it is so far in the bush as to unimaginable. And how do you stop kids who want to, and do, swim where it is very pleasant after the flood rains ( which is how the croc. possibly got there). An impossible thought to put a sign on every creek "don't swim" sign when there may be thousands of swim spots in their millions of hectares of total bush. Think of Crocodile Dundee. Try to read -

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Ah, yes crocs in Australia. I remember my time as a platoon commander with Norforce back in the late 80s and the trouble we used to have with crocs. When doing landing intervention patrols against indonesian fisherman (and the diseases they could bring into Australia), we actually used to have a gun group (an M60 machine gun) in the number 3 slot behind the two lead scouts. The reason for this was as follows: When walking along creeks, etc., sometime crocs used to come charging out of the water either the scare us off (as intruders on their territory) or more worryingly, they aimed to take one of my soldiers as food. As such, we used to have the GPMG in the No. 3 slot just to be safe. One of my fellow platoon commanders actually shot a croc as it was coming out of the water to drag in one of his guys. Being a protected species, unauthorized shooting of these animals creates a huge amount of paperwork.

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Being a protected species, unauthorized shooting of these animals creates a huge amount of paperwork

I would rather take my chances with the croc.

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Mommy and Daddy need to be charged with child negligence. Being aware isn't enough. < :-)

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