Crown prince formally becomes Thailand's new king


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Unfortunately, Thailand is still in a mediaeval state when any word of dissent against the Royals can result in imprisonment! The assumption of privilege based on birth goes against any and all democratic notions of a just society.

Present day Thailand, ruled by the military shows that the Thai people are repressed and now they can have a known philanderer as their new king in front of whom prostration is the ultimate sign of subservience......sad!

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Yeesh it is sad.

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At last two pics: The king is kneeling, and everyone else has to be lower than the king, it appears, because they're lying sideways propped up on elbows.

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Thanks for explaining that turbostat. I was looking at that and wondering what exactly was going on there.

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You're welcome :)

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Hopefully it's the beginning of the end for the Thai Monarchy.

In any case, I think it will never be the same again i.e Thai ppl and the govt itself won't ever seek their new King's wisdom the same way they did when King Bhumibol was alive (especially during the red vs yellow shirts riots).

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Lese Majeste prevents me from commenting on the red light district name.

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