Cruise lines, passengers scramble to respond to coronavirus


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Some travelers are spooked by reports of a virus outbreak that killed 10 people and sickened 700 aboard a ship quarantined for two weeks in Japan earlier this month.

Who wants to be confined in an area where the infection rates are many times the norm?

Then, after confinement, test positive and be confined ....again!

All not ‘some’ travelers are going to be booking something completely different...

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Before the coronavirus I would never have set foot on a "cruise" ship. Floating hellscapes of drunken hordes gorging on salmonella ridden buffets. This outbreak cements my resolve.

My idea of hell is spending a vacation in one of these massive ships, captive among thousands of people whether a virus is loose or not. I know people love 'em but count me out!

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Ask any American Sailor who has been on board a carrier when a sickness has been present how much fun it can be.

It usually goes right through the whole ship , everyone gets what ever it is thats going around.

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Even in the best of times I would not want to board a cruise ship. Now? Why would anyone in their right mind be thinking of doing so?

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I always wanted to go on a cruise despite knowing all the many negatives. It just looked fun. But I’m over that feeling for a while.

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When we had the legionaires disease outbeak years ago it became obvious that cruise ships are one of the worst places to be if some disease breaks out. After watching the Diamond Princess debacle I don't think anyone could pay me enough to go on a cruise ship. I would not be surprised if these "global"cruise ship lines are headed full steam for some really shaky financial straits.

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All this virus stuff is stressing me out. I see there’s a nice cruise ship leaving in April where I can relax....

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