California public venues, schools close to stop virus spread


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This is what should've been done with the ship at Yokohama. Separate, isolate and hold.

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So nice not to be the first one.

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I wonder how many days these passengers have been quarantined in the ship so far? It seems more days until disembarking from there. I heard Trump doesn't want to let them disembark from the ship anyway.

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I heard Trump doesn't want to let them disembark from the ship anyway.

I saw where Pres Trump said exactly that, but said health officials will make the call. About time.

The cruise industry will need some debt support for the next year or they will fail. Same for many travel-related businesses, especially airlines.

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Oh no.... Is the world likely to follow what's happening in California, US and close schools?

I think unlikely in the UK this week but could happen next week....

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And as usual the crew will be left on board carrying the can, while someone else can figure out where the ship should go.

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@nanda--figure out where the ship should go

Seems the cruise industry will be looking for mid sized ports to hunker down and wait out the PR storm. Remember the Westerdam, which ultimately had one false positive for Covid-19? Last I read, it was being banished to Juneau, AK.

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Well, the question we all want to know - will Donnie continue with his rallies, putting his mostly older, white, male supporters at risk, or will he continue them because he's so insecure he needs the constant adulation and adoration....

Yep, we know the answer to that one...hope they have some MAGA masks....

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