Cuba without electricity after hurricane hammers power grid


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I hope they manage to restore power as soon as possible. Hopefully at least some will have their own solar power or generators. Hospitals should be a priority. Good luck to the people of Cuba.

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Cubans are resourceful, and I'm sure they'll weather this Storm, power or no-power.

It would be useful, if the US would set aside some long standing petty disagreements with Cuba, and let AID flow.

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Florida will be in the same position in hours,this hurricane has almost 200 mph winds,it will do 10 of billion in damages in Florida Google NHC Noaa

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Since Cuba is aligned with Russia, China, and Venezuela, the aid should be flowing from those countries first.

The US will be busy helping Puerto Rico, Florida and GA, SC, NC in the next few weeks as the storm impacts 49M US citizens, at least.

The US never helps the Caribbean US Territories enough after storms. St. John island, part of the USVI group, didn't have power for over 6 months after the underwater power cable broke due to a hurricane in the 2000s. It didn't get fixed until the govt there refused to allow a wealthy private island owner who wanted power, unless the power link included St. John too, which was slightly out of the way.

These days, people who can afford it will rebuild with solar and wind power plus battery storage to make lots of micro-grids. Cuba should follow this model. China could easily donate tens of thousands of solar panels to Cuba so emergency services have power.

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The first time my wife took her 'warm vacation' (mid winter week to go lie on a sunny beach) in Cuba, the guide on the bus taking us from the airport to the resort mentioned that the highway we were on had been washed away in the last major hurricane, and rebuilt a lot quicker than the infrastructure in Puerto Rico (The American controlled island that neighbors Cuba and often gets hit by the same storms)

And that was before Chinese businesses started investing in Cuba.

Now that Cuba is on close terms with two SCO members who aren't intimidated by the American obsession with punishing Cubans for daring to think that they deserve to govern themselves in their own interests, the problems caused by the hurricanes and the fire at their major fuel storage facility (The cause of those 'frequent blackouts' of recent months being the fuel shortages caused by the destruction of the tanks to hold fuel) are almost certainly going to fixed by the time my wife is deciding where to go again.

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The Fu,the US has not helped these American states,as nearly as Ukrainain,FEMA do everything it can too deny claim,while Ukrainain got a blank check,these multimillion dollar will be fill with mold,before the US stop funding the money pit in Ukraine ,see Florida get beastmode by an English name Hurricane Darksky Tampa Bay Radar

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