Cyclone, Barry Manilow fail to dislodge New Zealand anti-vaccine protesters


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Every New Zealander has a right to peaceful protest.

If they have a legal right to protest then drenching them in water, possibly causing sickness from cold, and boombarding them with music is a violation of that right. Back off!

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Zealand anti-vaccine protesters

Are they anti-vaccine or anti-mandate? That is a completely different issue, but the corporate media keeps obfuscating that.

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Instead, hundreds of protesters -- inspired by the "Freedom Convoy" of truckers in Canada -- danced in the mud to the Barry Manilow tunes meant to force their dispersal.

Lol...that's awesome.

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Try Enya

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You can't blame people for using their last resort.

Lets face it, democracy turned out to be a two party system, when both sides agree on something you disagree with you can't exactly vote it away. You are forced to take more extreme avenues to get your voice heard.

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Both sides are entrenched now. The government doesn't want to be seen to back down, and Mallard's outdated tactics of sprinklers and music have only encouraged the protesters. The time to end it was the first day, Tuesday, when police and politicians should have tried to engage in a dialogue. They can use the excuse that there are no clear leaders now, but that wasn't the case on the first day when it was smaller and more organised. Now it just looks like a festival.

Having live coverage was a mistake, too, as there is definitely a performative aspect to it now. But it's a free press, so they can do what they want.

Perhaps they should threaten to cancel the protesters' free healthcare and social welfare payments. That'll get rid of 90% of them.

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Beautiful. God Bless these people.

And a little confession. Barry Manilow is one of my guilty pleasures...

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Copacabana is the bomb by the way.

at the copa, copa ca bana- the hottest spot north of Ha va na

That Janes Blunt lame begging for women attention can’t compare.

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But the protesters drowned out the government music with their own favouites, which included heavy metal band Twisted Sister's "We're Not Gonna Take It".

Ironic, as lead singer Dee Snider is pro-vaccine and pro-vaccine-requirements for concert attendance.

Also, "favourites" is misspelled, assuming you were going for the UK spelling.

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These spintaneous protests are growing around the world. Who knew Canadians would once again lead the way!

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tiny racket of anti-vaxxers, anti-mandaters, and proud fascists who were camping on parliament’s lawn to protest, well, something.


A good number were calling for citizens’ arrests against prime minister Jacinda Ardern and health minister Andrew Little for crimes unknown. And at least a handful were prosecuting their QAnon conspiracies. At the last major “freedom” protest Q’s supporters were on the ground to argue that the prime minister is already under arrest and wears an ankle bracelet to prove it.

What a bunch of nut jobs these protesters are. They need psychiatric help not ‘Freedom’!!!!

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Barry Manilow, weaponised to thwart anti-vaccine protesters.

Lawyer enforces have there maracas on stun to rumba those anti vaxxers by dawn.

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But the “freedom” convoy came to town as simple catharsis. There were the anti-vaxxers and anti-mandates types, who range from American-style conspiracists to misguided anarchists, but alongside those familiar archetypes were evangelical church leaders, Steve Bannon-backed Counterspin media “journalists”, and people calling for tino rangatiratanga (Māori sovereignty).

The crazies are definitely out there, looks like the anti vaxxer ideology is like a flame to a moth!!!!

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Concerned Citizen

Every New Zealander has a right to peaceful protest.

If they have a legal right to protest then drenching them in water, possibly causing sickness from cold

Don't worry, the sprinklers were soon dealt with. The wind and rain and feces on the ground probably is going to cause sickness.

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Universal healthcare and social safety net... if you toe the line that is.

These people aren't toeing the line, and they're just as entitled to those benefits as any other New Zealander. The point is their hypocricy in protesting the government's intrusion into their lives while at the same time enjoying the very benefits that government provides.

It's like the leader of a sympathetic protest in Picton said. And I'm paraphrasing: We'll stay as long as we can. People don't have jobs to go back to.

I've no problem with them protesting. That's their right. I just hope they're aware of the irony.

Where are the calls to "defund the police!"

Wrong country. How is that relevant?

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Barry Manilow's 'music' would drive me far away, US AM radio pop at its worst.

Sorry for any peaceful people living nearby who might want to resume their normal lives while these angry folks a abuse the rights and freedoms New Zealand offers. The global pro-authoritarian/anti-democracy far right are doing their best to split democratic nations, pitting citizens against each other, Once again Erdogan, Putin/the Ayatollah and Xi are smiling, knowing divide and conquer has worked for their fellow authoritarian ilk throughout history.

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