Cypriots anxious as banks reopen with limits


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...and no one was laughing anymore at the atypical crazy old person who eschews banks and keeps all their in money in a tin hidden in their house.

interesting this is only a problem in the Greek part of Cyprus. the Turkish part is running quite fine. The Greeks really have screwed things up big time.

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The Great Troika Bank (depositor) Robbery it will likely become known as, and a clear sign of things to come. The next will likely be one of the troubled "Club Med" nations. Large, private depositors are being robbed at figurative gunpoint by their EU masters. Hooray for Socialism.

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Yeah, some things in life are inevitable. That's why it was no surprise, though still endlessly amusing, to find that while depositors of Laiki Bank (aka Cyprus Popular Bank) on the island itself have been unable to get to their money for 10 days now, Laiki's 4 branches in the UK have all that time simply remained open for business.

Which also means that richer clients in Cyprus will lose between 40% and 100% of their savings above €100,000, unless they were smart enough to fly to Britain in time and transfer it all to another bank. Still, Laiki Bank UK is simply a branch of the mothership Laiki Bank on Cyprus, with the difference that deposits fall under UK deposit "compensation" laws. Unlike Bank of Cyprus UK, Laiki is not incorporated under UK law.

-the people of Turkey have massive physical gold and silver (they are untouchable in this fiat disaster) . =They broker billion dollar gold deals with Iran.

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