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Czech leader calls migrant wave in Europe an 'organised invasion'


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@Blackbird439 " the majority of Syrian refugees are educated, middle to upper-class professionals" could you reveal the source of this data?

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Germans maybe. But do you really believe Angela Merkel or the government makes decisions based on feelings? They know exactly what they are doing. This is power politics as almost any conflict is. Don't believe the stories they spin!

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The Middle Eastern countries should definitely be doing much more, and the Western countries should establish a safe haven or havens within Syria or in one of the bordering countries until this crisis subsides.

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Airstrikes and Denial alone will not win this conflict. Boots on the ground will.

Those fit to fight should be trained and sent to fight I agree. With a coalition army of the US/NATO and Russia. We can't trust anyone in the ME to help out, and to be fair the West had a hand in making this abortion.

Obviously they're going to let this fester further before leaders can stomach a Normandy-style landing in the ME, but until such a day this conflict will be perpetual.

All good news for those making the bombs, bullets and guns. And the banks. Kinda makes you wonder who's really in charge.

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Not sure how many posters realised I stand for free and open communication.

Any topic, subject is OK but you need to be open-minded and open to other views even if they counter yours.

Discussion is to make you think and consider other views.

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It isn't "faking compassion". You understand nothing about the modern German psyche.

It's about guilt. Still. Generations after a genocide the Germans had no part in.

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Implying that Syrians refugees should take up arms and fight ISIS rather than seek safe haven is a bit delusional. The majority of Syrian refugees are educated, middle to upper-class professionals with no military background. How many dentists, accountants or civil engineers in America would take up arms if an invading army attacked their country? (an invading army that likes to slowly saw off the heads of their live prisoners with meat cleavers.) Most would probably flee to the Canadian border and apply for refugee status.

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If they are educated and middle class they should find accommodation and employment, granted there is still the language barrier depending where in Europe they are.

Might not be as easy for women and school children.

And yes I do read the European newspapers daily.

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The United Nations run the refugee camps for Syrians who are waiting for safe haven in other countries. These refugees are individually screened by the UN to determine their backgrounds, qualifications and security risks. Its the UN that determined that the majority of Syrian refugees were educated, middle-class people. Why do you think Angela Merkel wants Syrian refugees to come to Germany? She said that her country needed skilled, educated people and that the Syrian refugees fit the bill.

@Blackbird439 " the majority of Syrian refugees are educated, middle to upper-class professionals" could you reveal the source of this data?

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"with no military background."

Perhaps, although, the Syrian military was a conscripted force before the civil war; males served from the age of 18. The obligatory military service period was 2005 two and a half years to two years, in 2008 it was reduced to 21 months and in 2011 to year and a half.

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Milos Zeman is quite correct. While the press loves to select pictures of women and children, almost all of these so-called "refugees" are young, healthy men only. That is not the demographics of refugees, that is the demographics of an invading armee. Refugees flee as families, and they only flee to the nearest safe place. They do cross multiple borders in order to reach the destination with the best welfare system.

Note also that islamist clerics all over the region are already crowing about the islamic takeover of Europe.

The "refugee" label is used to pull the heartstrings of the gullible. I am glad that at least some European leaders say the truth.

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@Blackbird439 So these figures were published, could cite the source?

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That's what it is. But I wouldn't blame the refugees so much as politicians like Merkel who is responsible for instigating this mass invasion, faking compassion in order to gain leverage in the EU, lowering wages and boosting the corrupt social services industry and at the same time fueling war, making business with totalitarian regimes and selling weapons to the Middle East.

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These germans

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The problem here is the Western mentality of giving hand-outs, not hand ups. It's simply gone too far with our own citizens let alone a million refugees.

Have we really become to politically correct to balk at the idea of telling immigrants we simply can't take them, but we'll help them defeat the islamist zombies that have turned their homelands into the bowels of hell?

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1) Americans would fight any invasion and not flee as indicated here by some. 2) German industry which pushed immigration is now realizing the obvious: immigrants are poorly or not at all educated and useless as work force

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